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I feed 3 of my kitties "Lick Your Chops" lamb and rice and turkey and rice cat food. Last week I picked up a case of the turkey and rice. My female won't eat it and one of my Birman boys won't eat it. (The other kitty is on a homemade diet, and the other Birman, well, he eats just about anything!).

My question is, has anyone ever used this brand of cat food? It's not like these kitties to not eat -- (they do not appear sick in any way; they will eat the lamb and rice) -- I'm wondering if the formula of the food has changed. The consistency seems wetter,(?) Anyway, aside from Spot's Stew and Nutro Max, does anyone have any premium foods they are feeding that they would suggest? I don't think I want to stay with the "Lick Your Chops" brand, at least not the turkey and rice variety.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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I have never tried that particular brand. It may just be a bad batch or expired. Did it smell funny at all?
I really like Eukanuba. It is full of good stuff and I have noticed a decrease in hairballs and such. They make a lamb and a chicken.
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I also use Eukanuba. While Clyde would probably eat anything, he really likes it. His foster family feed him Authority (in the can). We switched him to the dry food pretty quickly with out any hassle. Authority also makes a dry food that is very good.. (available at Petsmart) my sister uses it for her 3 cats.. I don't use it because it is not available at PetCo which is more convient for me.

I hope that this helps.
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I feed Iams dry food. Cinammon & Fluffy eat the Ocean/Rice formule. Tigger is eating her kitten formula food. Now, with Gizmo, the breeder was feeding the babies Friskies! I am slowly switching him over to the Iams kitten. Would it be ok to feed him a little canned Kitten formula? He's got baby teeth and when he crunches, it sounds so loud!
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Its okay, but if you choose not to feed the cats wet food, it will be a pain trying to get him off of it. Once they are used to getting their wet food, especially at certain times, they will stop at nothing to get it..
Another option is to take the dry food and mix it with a little warm water and let it sit. Then it will soften up a bit.
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