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Should I adopt another cat?

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I'm having a horrible time trying to decide this - maybe someone can help!

I have two cats - Pinky and Greggie. Pinky is 6 1/2 years old and Greggie is 7-8 years old. I recently fostered a group of five kittens and their unsocialized mother. I took the kittens to the shelter a couple of days ago because they'll be seen by more potential adopters there. Mom cat is in my kitchen and will get spayed soon. She'll be a barn cat on a really nice farm.

I've fostered two litters of kittens before, and really bonded with the kittens and was always sad to see them go but happy they were adopted into forever homes. This time is different. I've become very attached to one of the kittens in the litter and really, really want to keep him. He has an amazing personality and when I go to visit him at the shelter, he runs to me purring and then sits by the door as soon as I leave. I miss him terribly!

So, I really want to adopt this kitten. The cons are:

I rent an apartment. While my landlords would let me have a third cat, I'd have an incredibly hard time finding a new apartment if I had to move because most places don't even let you have pets. I'd never give up any of my cats - but it would just be really stressful and hard to find a place.

My mother has two cats (7 and 10 years old), and various health problems. While I don't anticipate this happening anytime soon, if she couldn't care for the cats or if she had to move or anything like that, I'd have to take them.

A couple of my friends say that because of the above issues, it just isn't practical to adopt this kitten. I know it's not the most practical thing, but I also don't want to live my life by "what if" scenarios. I want to do what is best for the kitten, and part of me says that because we're so bonded, a life together would be that. But part of me thinks that I should let him be adopted by another family.

Any advice?
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I have 7 cats and rent... There are people out there who love animals too!!
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Sometimes you just have to follow your heart. We had 3 kittens show up outside last winter, joining our newly adopted outside cat on her heating pad.

1. Puppy Dog. Totally friendly, would follow you around like a pup. Even the vet fell in love with this beautiful boy. DH really wanted to keep him, as we all did. But he was young, it was November, and we already had a houseful of fosters. I took him to my foster group, where he was adopted at his first show.

2. Sebastian. Gorgeous black and white tuxedo cat. Friendly, and did I say gorgeous? Would have kept him in a minute...if I had the space. Adopted at his first show.

3. Will. Goregeous gray and white tuxedo kitty, older than the others, and winter was coming to an end. Would reach up and grab your hand, he was so eager for petting. But what made me decide to keep him was 2 things-he has a little gray mark above each nostril, on an otherwise pink nose, making him look like a little piggy, which makes me laugh. And I realized, I totally love him. He's the boy in my avatar, and makes me happy every time I see him.

In general, I think it is best to give up fosters, leaving room for more fosters. And what if you get one who is injured or ill in some way, and it needs to stay? But sometimes you just have to follow your heart, and keep another kitty. Cats are all beautiful, and most are a joy to have around. But sometimes the bond between one cat and one human goes beyond all explanation, and you just have to trust it.

P.S. Just the fact that you are asking your crazy catlady and catguy friends if you should keep a cat, shows what you want the answer to be! Hurry, go get him before someone else does!!!
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i agree, follow your heart.

you want us to tell you yes so...

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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
P.S. Just the fact that you are asking your crazy catlady and catguy friends if you should keep a cat, shows what you want the answer to be! Hurry, go get him before someone else does!!!
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We adopted JC & Joey from the pet store (they were in the "moggie" bin) because JC seemed to immediately recognize us & was meowing for us desperately, My daughter (although she has a severe speech-impediment due to left-brain injury, she seems to have some sort of ESP, and is very intuitive) was convinced that JC was supposed to be part of the family, and she paid for adoption fees for JC from her paltry savings (I got Joey because I don't like to kittens to not have a buddy). Apparently she was right, because JC & Joey have been such joys to our lives - JC is very unique (loves car rides, long walks, visitors, is very daring, very expressive & communicative).
Like the others have said, listen to your heart. And what a wonderful daughter you are to be so considerate of your mother & her cats! By the way, what is the kitty's name? Please keep us posted! Susan
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I am in a very similar situation as yourself. I have fostered quite a few kittens ranging from hours old to weeks old. Though, I loved them all and of course these little ones are absolutely delicious...there were 2 that I just could not part with.

Long story short...we are now 4 & Bob & Allie live with us. Within the last month alone, (terrible kitten season this year) I have fostered 9 more little ones. There are 2 little boys (5 wks. old) that I feel "special" about. It is under family/house discussion as to whether or not we keep them.

I say, if your heart says keep them...then keep them...love them & show them as much kindess as possible
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Thank you for all your support and replies...I am leaning towards adopting him. I have another day or so to decide. Another thing I am thinking of doing is asking the shelter to let me know if someone is interested in Ari, but otherwise waiting to see who gets adopted. Adoptions are very slow at the shelter right now, and if one of the kittens didn't get adopted, I would definitely take him/her because while it's a great shelter, I want them growing up in a home.

My special kittens name is Ari and here's a picture I took of him. It looks a bit "Glamour Shots"!

I love all cats no matter what they look like, but I wasn't a huge fan of white cats before Ari. Maybe that's another sign!

Here is Ari's sister Goldie...she's the one everyone goes crazy over:

Franklin, the tough guy:

Althea, the only other girl. Very smart and alert:

Naco, the other white one. Naco is amazing too:
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Awwww - love the photo!
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