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Giving medicine

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Hi there -
I just wanted to find out what a suitable technique there may be out there for giving a cat their medicine. I've got this liquid that's in a syringe form that the vet said needs to be given by mouth (no hiding it in foods, etc). Well, we've been able to open her mouth up, not for long though, in order to give her this liquid. I was just wondering if there's any easier way to get it open. We've just been going up to her when she's lying down and I'll hold her cheeks and pry open her mouth while my mom gives the liquid. Any other way would be most appreciated!!
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If you put the cat up on something high, it is usually easier. I use the washing machine. They feel more secure than if you crowd them on the floor. Don't squirt it in quickly as it can go down into the lungs and cause health problems. Liquids are a pain to give, pills are much easier imo
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Why can't the med be mixed into food? Is it supposed to be given on an empty stomach only? If so, does that include liquid?
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funny, i was just thinking the opposite. my baby HATES pills. with liquids we do really well. i hold him like a baby, which he enjoys anyway, and squirt little bits at a time in on the side of his cheek, just enough to make him swallow, but not so much he can spit it out. i talk and sing to him the whole time, and then give him a little canned food or a treat afterward to reward his good behavior.

good luck!
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Oh, I know how liquids are horrible. I wish this came in a pill form but of course, it doesn't. One of my other cats also takes a pain reliever (has cancer) and it's in a liquid form but he absolutely loves it. He takes it with ham and doesn't notice the liquid but the cat we're having issues on getting the medicine in isn't up to our tricks, of course.

I was reading on the Internet that if you put them in your left hand as if you were holding a baby, and take your fingers in your left hand and hold the cheeks and pry open the mouth, you can get the liquid in with the right hand but I wasn't too sure if that was a safe thing to do or not.

^^The only thing with doing that is she's bandaged around her tummy and I'm not too sure if she's quite up to someone picking her up. We've tried putting it in food but she knows there's something different and backs away.
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since I have no idea what you're giving your cat, this might not be helpful at all...

but we give PJ her thyroid medication as a cream that we put in her ears. She's terrible to pill, and so we asked our vet about that. He referred us to a compounding pharmacy that regularly makes medications for animals. Even though she doesn't like the ear treatment either, she deals with it and it's much better than giving her the pills.

I don't know if that's an option for you at all, but you might want to check it out if it is!
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I don't think we can give her the medicine through a cream, although that would make things sooo much easier! She's only got a few more days of this so I hope we can grin-n' bare it!
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I agree with Hissy get her up on something high, and limit her traction.

All my babies know when its pill or liquid time. I have a designated spot, and I scruff them gently while grounded. they dont fight because they know whats coming and it will be over.
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We've only got 2 more days and she's been so good about taking it. We'll grab her when she's lying down and just put a towel under under chin and give the medicine to her and then wipe up the "saliva" from the medicine after it's given.
The medicine is called Metronidazole. Symptoms...Dogs and cats: excessive salivation

It's pretty gross stuff. She'll take it and then slap her mouth together and this saliva pours out.

Vanilla, our cat that has cancer is given valium (tablet) and painkiller (liquid). I've been giving him those twice or more a day (depending on when he really needs it) and I just shake the tablet bottle of the valium and he's bright eyed and meowing at me. It's so adorable. The liquid I give him smells quite bad (almost a honey, but sour honey smell) and no matter how many times you wash your hands, it'll stick on there. It's pretty gross but at least if it helps him, I'll keep giving it.

It's been like a pet hospital around here! Hopefully no more.
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