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kitten obsessed with faucets

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Sunshine, a 5 month old kitten, is obsessed with sinks and water faucets. When he sees me in the bathroom he immediately runs up to the sink to try and get water out of the faucet. He has plenty of drinking water, so I am not sure what this is all about. I turn the faucet on and he sticks his face under the water and then sticks his paws under the water. He will go as far as walking into the water in the sink. He loves to have warm water poured over him. Whats up with that? I am beginning to think he is part maine coon cat.

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My kitten is too!!! My moms cats won't let her go to the bathroom with out them! It's just something some cats enjoy=)
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Two of my cats have this thing with faucets as well. I'm not too sure why. One will be at the faucet probably 6+ times a day drinking from it. If someone is in the room with my other cat, and there's a sink in there, she'll immediately go up and drink from it.
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Buy a cat fountain, my cats enjoy their petmate pet fountain
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Funny, I was just watching Sophie in the sink last night as I was washing my face. The silly girl was in the sink, trying to grab the water as it came out. She jumps up there every time I turn the water on, and drinks from the bottom of the sink once the water is off. I've seen a lot of cats do this, but she still makes me laugh.
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Pearl ONLY wants to drink from the faucet. She hates it when she must drink from her bowl. I am going to buy one of those cat fountains that Hissy suggested. She would love that!!!!
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My Mikko used to sleep in the sink. Refused to move when I had to wash my face, so I'd turn the water on. I got the "you really think that's going to make me move?" look.

She also used to sleep in the bathtub. Would actually stay in there while I climbed into the shower, edging to the back so not to get soaked. She used to sit at the edge of the bathtub too, mewing like "mommy you're DROWNING", then promptly slide in. Yeah, I have scars from that. Water in the sink was ok, but a whole bathtub full, that was a bit much.

So I think it's pretty normal. Every cat I've owned loves to play with water
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oh my god! This is too weird. I have a 5 month old male, orange buff kitten named Sunshine too! He has the same obsession too. Every morning when my father goes into the bathroom to get ready for work, Sunny beats him too it and goes right for the sink. This is a good thing though because the more water they drink the better. So, just turn the faucet on low and let Sunshine drink out of it ^^
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Our two boys are absolutely fascinated with the shower and tub. Especially Narsil. As soon as he hears the water in the tub turned on he comes running! He loves to watch the water droplets coursing down the clear shower curtain.

Of course they are Maine Coons ...
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Finnegan loves the faucet. lol I have pictures of him playing in the water but theyre on my phone and i cant get them off!
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Welcome to my life! Oliver is OB-SESSed with running water. We have a "cat-it" brand water fountain that he and Emma both love, but he still gets faucet water a couple of times a day.
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Both of my sister's cats love, love, LOVE the faucets and running water. They love to put their paw in the dripping water and drink from the faucets. It's very funny! I had no idea it was so common. I'll have to tell her.
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U a water fountain that dispenses water in the same fashion as a faucet does. This will more than likely keep you kitty always hydrated and healthy.
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It's a normal routine in my house where Sophie jumps in the bath waiting for the tap to be turned on when i go and brush my teeth, but both of them jump onto the kitchen unit waiting for the tap to run as well.

They get clean water twice a day, but i must invest in one of those fountains.
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