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Originally Posted by cazimauw
it wasnt a bucks gun it was a hunting gun the kind that has thousands of bullets in one shot that just spread out and kill or hurt anything in its area xtremely unfair i think cuz that means she didnt even have chance!
our vet cant take out any bullets he doesnt have the degree or so for that so she'l has to live with al six bulets
That birdshot. One shell, many pellets.
Oftentimes, those things will eventually work themselves back out to the skin surface.
Found a dog once with a face full of them.
Most worked back out after a few years, he still had 3 or 4 in his lower jaw for the rest of his life though.

Best wishes, prayers and good vibes for your kitty.

Hope the cops get enough evidence to nail this guy.
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I hope that you don't mind Milou. I posted a picture of Casmo, so that we can visualize who we are praying for.
Let's all, in our own way, pray, send healing vibes and positive thoughts that Casmo will come through this and be healed.
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Ohhh Casmo!! You beautiful baby you!!

I am sooo sorry that someone (that is supposed to be human and know right from wrong) did this horrible thing to you. What have you ever done to deserve such mean-ness?

From the way your meomy has described you so far.... it seems to me you WANT to live. Then once your all better you can strut your stuff (with your meowmy of course) and show that no good, so- called person that NO ONE can bring you down for long!!

I am praying for you Casmo. I am praying for your health... physical and mental.

Im also praying for the mean ol' (im sure lonley) fart who did this to you. Im praying that he gets what he deserves.

Hugs and kisses from me and my gang.... and sending GET WELL SOON VIBES your way.

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Glad to know that Cosmo is showing signs of improvement. But please consider calling the emergency vet to see if they feel that there are things they could do to make Cosmo more comfortable, and if so, maybe they would be willing to treat her and send your neighbor the bill. Perhaps the policeperson would talk to him; if he is sucessfully prosecuted, he will have to pay you restitution. Also, I would call your local media; this story deserves attention - remember that shooting animals sometimes leads to violent criminal acts against women & children. Besides, the media might be able to alert someone who is able to help Cosmo out financially. Prayers & vibes for healing & comfort for Cosmo! Be strong for her! Hugs, Susan
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Try looking at groups that provide $$$ for emergency proceedures the owners can't afford outright. I googled this one: http://www.thepetfund.com/

There are probably some in Canada and these folks might know who they are and how to reach them. My cat needed emergency eye surgery and a group like this fronted me the money and I paid them back as I could. This is a really excellent option if you need surgery or anything really expensive like that and the vet can't make payment plans that are reasonable for you. Please try this if your vet thinks the baby can be saved, but the thing standing in the way is funds. They're out there, you just have to find them.
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thank you Lei, no i dont mind. thank you very much for al this information it is really helping us out
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Originally Posted by xocats
If this was not an accident ( how could it be) and other kitties in your area have been shot at, your local newspapers & TV stations need to be notified ASAP. People need to be warned that there is a dangerous person on the loose. The media could also ask for others to come forward if they have had a pet attacked. The person responsible for this brutal attack on Casmo...must be stopped.
Also, if you get the media involved maybe people would send in donations or something to help with the vet costs. You probably also have a lawsuit against the person who shot her, so maybe a vet would work on you based on that, knowing you'll eventually be able to pay.

My cat was attacked by a neighbor dog years ago, and the neighbor's insurance actually paid for the costs. Since it was a human who did it I don't think that would be an option in your case but if your parents have home owner's insurance you could check. What a sad story
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OMG how horrible! The person that did this; his day is coming.

Lots of vibes heading Casmo's way. And I pray for comfort for you and your family as you decided what is best for your sweet girl.
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OMG, I'm soooo terribly sorry for Casmo! I have no idea how humans can be so cruel!!! Here are some others to contact if you need emergency funds for your kitty to be treated at that hospital.

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program
eMail at fveap@earthlink.net, by mail at FVEAP, 1641 Elizabeth Lane, Yuba City, CA 95993 or FAX at (888)301-4264.


Here's a whole list of organizations that might be able to help

And this one too

I truly hope your Casmo will be fine and gets the use of her legs back. You have my prayers and hugs!!

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I'm so sorry to hear of what happened. Please continue to update us.
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i really apreciate the research but by now it is to late to get her into emergency the vet said we should have send her that night or it would be to late so it all depends on the nursing and our thoughts.
she seems to be happy not as woried as this morning she is now laying still in her box watching the flies, swating them if they come to near ,
i am not a hundred percent but i think she also peed a bit. much sooner than expected the vet said it would be a couple days so it might have been something else
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How terrible!!!! More prayers and good thoughts heading out to Casmo.
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Vibes to Casmo!! {{{{}}}}
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I just got to this thread. It looks like you may want to make an informed decision. One bullet hit the spinal cord? Even if it hit the spinal cord it IS possible that everything was just bruised and your cat could recover in time. Pets have. On the other hand , what if the damage is permanent? If it is, then you have another decision to make. There is a website that deals strictly with disabled pets . These people have severely disabled pets whether by disease, accident or from birth. They exchange ideas, and even carts that allow a disabled pet to be mobile. A caring and supportive group of people who will help you in any way they can. Many of them think that paralysis is a minor glitch in the life of their pet and can attest that pets can lead long full lives while paralyzed. However, that's them. Some can do this and some can't. I guess you don't know until you try- if you want to try. The question then is, do you want to wait and find out whether or not the damage is permanent or not ? If your cat has not other serious damage but that ( serious enough, that's true) then is it reasonable to wait?

The site is:


Please consider just checking into that site and reading on how others are dealing with handicapped pets and consider if you are able to do the same, either short or long -term.

And if finances are a concern:

Posted by ............. " I recently picked up a stray kitten and the money factor was a problem also. I took her to "people for animals" and explained my situation and they gave her a much needed flea treatment and de-wormed her for free. they also referred me to a lady who gets grants from the state who will give you vouchers for specific cat care depending on your situation especially if it is very critical. they tend to help when you are caring for a stray and your financial resources are limited. I don't know where you are located but you can call me and hopefully i can help!! ( I have her email address and phone number if you pm me)

Also these sites may help with costs :

Acme House of Cats--they have an Acme Fund



This is an organization that will try very hard to help you if you cannot afford vet bills once in a while. Or maybe you find a hurt or sick stray that needs medical help. They're called Help-A-Pet


If you can't afford credit for pet vet bills:
Have you tried Care Credit? http://www.carecredit.

I hope the above info will help you in making a well-informed decision concerning Casmo.
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thank you so much that just gave me hope!
i will definetly see how she is doing in a few days, weeks or even months if she wil be paralised permenantly we will/might both grow to except that fact
thank you again
but if casmo sufers to much its her choice...
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i know this may sound very stupid asking this question now after so many replies but...
do any of you know if the bulet in the spine will make a diference if its in or out
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so sorry keep us up dated.
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Re your question:

"do any of you know if the bulet in the spine will make a diference if its in or out"

I thought you indicated that the vet " took a scan of her to see where she got hit" and indications were that one bullet hit the spine. The scan should have showed if the bullet was still lodged in the spine. It makes a difference if the bullet damaged crucial nerves in the spinal column. That affects the ability to walk. Sometimes these nerves can heal on their own. Sometimes not. Only time will tell for things like this. If the bullet is still lodged in the spine, movement could further damage those nerves. If it's removed, there's the chance of damaging the nerves futher in trying to remove the bullet. A sort of catch 22 situation. It would help to find out what the scan indicated. Is the bullet still lodged in the spine or not?
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Does Canada not have tougher animals cruelty laws than in the states? He ought to get life in prison if I had the power. But I think he should get at least a year if not 2 legaly.

and yes, PLEASE DONT EUTHANIZE BECAUSE OF DISABILITY. Thanks God your kitty didnt die. Stick with her!
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I just read about Casmo. I'm so sorry. I'm sending healing thoughts your way. I'll be checking to see how she is doing. Big Hugs. Hope
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i dont know what will hapen to the guy if he will go to prison or not (i hope he wil ) but he denies that he shot my cat so first they need to get proof they have evidance and i hope a witness soon aswel thats all i know.
here is the scan

i would point it out to you but i reckon you'l figure it out on your own
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omg! thinking of Casmo!
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Oh my! That's horrible!

Why people find it necessary to do things like this to animals, I don't think I'll ever understand.
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I found this site:


It's for humans but the spinal layout is the same ,more or less ,for animals. If you scroll down to General Information and click on Anatomy and Function of the Spine it shows the vertebrae , spinal cord, and nerve roots. The scan shown by Cazimauw shows that the bullet seems to have lodged in the one vertebrae which is made up of bone which cushioned the impact of the bullet. The question is, did the bullet reach the spinal cord and if so, did it just bruise it or damage it? What's interesting is this information on the paraspinal muscles:

"The muscles next to the spine are called the paraspinal muscles. They support the spine and provide the motor for movement of the spine. Joints allow flexibility, and muscles allow mobility. There are many small muscles in the back. Each controls some part of the total movement between the vertebrae and the rest of the skeleton. These muscles can be directly injured, such as when you have a pulled muscle or muscle strain. They can also cause problems indirectly, such as when they are in spasm after injury to other parts of the spine( Note: such as a bullet lodged in the vertebrae?) .

A muscle spasm is experienced when your muscle tightens up and will not relax. Spasms usually occur as a reflex (meaning that you cannot control the contraction). When any part of the spine is injured-including a disc, ligament, bone, or muscle-the muscles automatically go into spasm to reduce the motion around the area. This mechanism is designed to protect the injured area."
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I just found this thread. Poor Casmo One thing I have just learned, is that there is magic on this board with all of us cat lovers. Just ask Boris. With all the thoughts and prayers from everyone here, I feel Casmo will make a good recovery. My prayers are on their way
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Just came across this thread. You and Casmo are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope the sick, ignorant individual who did this gets what he deserves.
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OMG, that man should be shot himself. Makes me so mad. People like that are simply evil and do not deserve to live on this earth.

We're sending lots of good vibes to Casmo...I think he's a strong kitty and will be fine! My thoughts are with you guys.
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Thanks june for that reply.
and everybody els healing casmo.
right now she is sitting on my lap cuz she wants to walk around but the vet said no so i'll try to calm her
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My thoughts and prayers are with you and Cosmo during this horiffic, tragic time...

It just angers me sooooo bad how humans can inflict so much pain on animals......
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Thanks for the actual xray it put things in real perspective. I just pray for both of you. Your story just really touched me last night. About a month ago my neighbor sprayed my cat with her hose and he ran in the road, got hit by a car and broke his pelvis. (This is how I found this board) after about 2 weeks he passed. When I heard your story it just made me cry. I'm so sorry... I totally understand how you feel. I I'm sending all my good and healing vibes your way for your little Casmo. Love, Hope
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