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That is the worst thing I've ever heard in my life. I would call the humane society and get a charge put against your neighbour for cruelty and injury to an animal and I think he should be highly fined and asked to pay for all your medical bills.

Justice has to be paid for careless and heartless people like that. Animals are innocent victims when it comes to cruelty as they can't speak for themselves as they need us to help them.

I hope the guy gets life. That's one sicko who would shoot an innocent cat. I'm so sorry that you have to go through this tragic ordeal. The main thing is to do what your vet says as he is thinking of what is best for your cosmo and always be there for cosmo as TLC is the best medicine.
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Originally Posted by cazimauw
the police is going around trying to find proof if casmo did get shot by my neighbour but no one actualy saw him shooting at anyone (including my cat) so its pretty tough. i even tried to find a bullet in my yard.
I dont know whats going to happen with the bullets my local vet wasnt traind for that kind of stuff so we would have to go to guelph, and there is a chance of damaging the spinal cord even more if we were to get it out. decisions, decision .
i live in ontario.
I would leave them in there. A Lot of animals can live a happy life with bullets in them As for the guy... Have you talked to him directly??? I thought you said someone saw him with a gun. I would go door to door to see if anyone saw anything!
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Originally Posted by kluchetta
First, I'm so sorry that that terrible person did that to Casmo!

I would try putting some "stinky" juice from a can of tuna on top of her food. Something that will really trip her sense of smell...
i dont know i'm afraid that once she gets used to tuna she might not want to go back to dry food i'll mix it for a litle while then to get her used to using her bowl again
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PM Pat & Alex & Hissy...they might have some good ideas for you.
Come on sweet Casmo...you can do it.
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Originally Posted by cazimauw
i dont know i'm afraid that once she gets used to tuna she might not want to go back to dry food i'll mix it for a litle while then to get her used to using her bowl again
I would give it to her anyway just to get her eating somewhat normally again. You've been doing great -- keep up the good work!

I live in Toronto and all this gun violence lately is INSANE (as is whoever shot Casmo). I hope whoever shot Casmo is found and charged accordingly.
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well today is not that good of a day
she is not eating at all she didnt want her pills wraped in meat, cookies or even cheese so i had to give it to her plane.
she is not eating her food eather i mixed it with meat that i wrap the pills in, she usualy loves that
maybe she just isnt hungry this morning...
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Do you normally free feed her or is she given food only at certain times of the day? Is she drinking water??? I would try getting kitten weaning formula or if there is other types of liquid nutritional supplement you could give her???
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she drinks fine.
i usualy feed her when she comes back inside, when she askes for it,
she poo'd alot this morning maybe that has something to do with it aswell?
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OMG! I just caught up with this whole thread! I am so sorry this happened! I can think of a thousand things to say, but it would just be repeating everyone else!

More healing vibes and prayers coming your kitties way!
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I would think that she needs to remain inside, at least until you know that she is healed. If your are concerned be sure to get her back to her vet.
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i was just petting her and as i got to her bum she lifted the tip of her tail
and i kinda stuffed some food in her mouth she eather got the taste of it or understood that i wanted her to eat cuz she ate out of my hand when i refilled my hand again i had to do the same thing tho...
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Again, great news! The speed at which she is recovering is amazing considering what she's been through. A perfect example not to jump to conclusions about pets even if things look bleak. And the fact that the most serious of all of the bullets just happened to land directly on the hard bone of the vertebrae( almost direct centre) and not between the vertebraes where it could have easily split the spinal cord in two is equally as amazing.
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Give her whatever she wants right now, such as tuna and hand feeding, and worry about everything else later! She needs all the extras to help her get well at this time. Sounds like she's recovering nicely at an wonderful pace!
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More vibes for you and Casmo. I'm so glad she is doing better! I agree with Salem Cat. Now is a good time to spoil her rotten and lavish her with all her favorite things.
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Awww Casmo....you are amazing & we love you sweetheart.
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Glad to read the turn of events. Haven't been in this thread lately. Check her nostrils for dried crud (common with injured animals) It may be that part of her reluctance to eat is because she can't smell the food-

Good luck, and just take your cues from her. She will tell you all you need to know if you are tuned in to her (and it sounds like you are).
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her nose is clean.
her eyes are a bit dirty though, this happens often with her, and her iner eyelid or watever you call sometimes shows. i heard this is bad. is it maybe the stress she is going through?
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this morning she wanted to walk around really bad so i let her...
she really likes it and wants to walk around more but i put her back in her crate.
i think its good to let her walk around so she finds out what she can and can't do, it also learns her to start using her hind legs again.
the upper left leg does do a slight walking motion when she walks around so i thing she'l be alright over time
i found out why she might not want to eat so much.
she has a lot of flee's i think it might be from the cat in the cage beside her at the vet.
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OMG just caught up with this thread, Giant hugs to you! and best wishes and prayers being sent to Casmo!
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I would consult with your vet on the flea problem first before you do anything, because she has been hurt and debilitated and also on medication. He will know exactly what you can use safely on her. It's good to hear she wants to get up and move around, but make sure she takes it slow and easy at first to prevent that bullet in her spine from moving the wrong way. Your doing a wonderful job caring for her and keeping us posted!
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When does Casmo see her doctor again? It sounds like she is doing really well but you need to know if she is still in pain because that could reduce her desire to eat. If she has other problems, such as fleas, the vet can address those issues, if safe too.
I would get her in ASAP. You have done such a good job nursing Casmo. Hopefully, this will become easier for both of you soon.
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i will go to the vet on monday for flea stuff since at least one of my dog has them to. i will also ask them if its ok to give it to casmo in her condition.
her next visit to the vet will prob. be september 2nd or 3rd cuz i think the vet thats caring for her will be coming back on the 2nd from his holiday.
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Are you supporting her with a towel when she does move? Taking a soft cloth or towel and putting it under her back of her stomach and giving her leverage as she walks?
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That is an excellent suggestion hissy! A piece of a sheet or a towel ripped down the center length wise would work great. Make sure the "sling" is wide enough to support her chest and stomach area evenly as she's being held up by it so she's comfortable.
I'm sending constant vibes your way!
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i treid that before it didnt work that wel. because one of her legs moves while the other doesnt causing her to slant over.
i also tried poking two holes in it but one of her legs didnt fit through it so my sister tried to make it bigger...
a bit to big she ruened it.
tomorow she will be all alone since i will be at work and i might have to go to this weird mars watching thin. no one will be home since my parent have an apointmen with an architect my sis is on a sleepover and my other sis will be at work with me wich usualy takes till 9
hope she'l amuse herself
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Keep us posted =)
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i got home early and my brother stayed home
(not like he ever gets out of his room to check on her)
i also got out of the mars watching thin
she's now lying infront of the open door looking outside
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she is eating again on her own .
this morning i gave her her last pill without trouble
(thank u hissy for posting that thread on tips for giving cats their pills it really helped me and casmo out )
she keeps on sliping out and i notices she ripped of some of her fur because of draging her legs behind her i even put gave her socks but she got them of 2 min later
she can also lift the midle part of her tail
now she's laying on a towel in my bro's room
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Wow, things sound much better. I was just thinking that maybe she didn't want to eat because of the medication and her tummy was feeling bad. But - that's not a problem now, so good! Go Casmo!!
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i just read through this whole thread and have tears running down my face

guys like the one who shot your baby deserve to be locked up and if i had my way, forever, anyone who can harm an innocent cat is just plain sick.

i won't tell you what i'd do if it was my cat he shot

she sounds like she is improving heaps already, i think you need to take her to a more qualified vet though and with the bullets, i think they should just be left there, if there is any chance taking them out might hinder her progress then it's just not worth it.

please give Casmo a kiss from me, she will be in my thoughts and prayers.

bonnie and pandy send her love and getwell vibes too

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