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Oops, I put my thread in the wrong area, I was wondering if anyone could possible give advice about our 7yr. old cat. She is extremely small and sheds so badly that hunks of hair stick up all over her and tons of loose hair just flys in the wind. We bush her each day and could almost make a new cat. We have had her to two different vets but they have not come up with a reason as to why she sheds more than most cats. I have two other cats, they shed but not abnormally so.
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Hmm...my cat Vanilla has the same thing that you're describing in your cat. He's 12 and sheds like no one's business! He's done that since he was about 6 or so. I'm not too sure why - if it's his winter coat, etc or what. We can lightly pet him and his hair just comes in clumps.
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