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Doctor visit

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I have an appointment with an endocrinologist on Weds. morning. I'm not going to bore you with the details, but I have a hormone imbalance and I think it affects everything about how my body regulates itself.

My hope is, the doctor will give me a "magic bullet" you know, one pill that will clear everything up. I'm pretty sure he can do that with the underlying disorder - probably birth control pills actually - but I'm not sure about the stuff that really bothers me. I hope it will help the insomnia, the weight, and some other stuff, but I have a feeling that he can only do so much.

So, if you would, think a good thought for me and the doctor. If I can't be cured, at least the doctor could be inspired . . .
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Sunlion, I hope everything goes well. I know what it is like to know that something is wrong, but not knowing what. I am sure the extra stress you are under in your home life, doesn't help any. My prayers are with you!
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Good luck and let us know what the doctor says/does. Sure hope he can help you!

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Good luck, Sunlion! I hope everything goes well at the doctor and that he can prescribe something helpful. Please let us know how it goes.
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Good luck at the doctor Sunlion, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. I too have an appointment today (this afternoon) and am hoping there will be something they can do for me too! I'll be thinking of you while I'm waiting in the "waiting" room!
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Do let us know how everything goes! I'm sending good thoughts your way!
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I hope that everything goes well at the doctor Sunlion. Let us know what happens. :daisy:
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Become as educated as you can about what's going on with you, and about treatment options. I've found that, not unlike vets, doctors don't always know the right thing, so they do what they think is right. The only way to prevent that is to be as knowledgable as possible. The internet is an awesome place to find info..

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That's very good insight Ken, what more can I say but best wishes to you and good thoughts sent your way.

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I too hope there is something the Dr. can do to help you, please let us know. Good luck!
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Well Sunlion, how did everything go? I hope I'm not being rude by asking?
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I'm very sure the problem is polycystic ovaries, though there continues to be some question about whether it is actually a tumor of some kind of my pituitary gland (brain). But nothing shows up in the MRI's so I'm pretty sure that's not it.

Anyway, the idea was for me to see an endocrinologist, that is, a hormone specialist. I got to the MD's office and noticed that his door said "rheumatologist" and I had an uh-oh moment. Then I thought, since his name sound Spanish, that maybe he was Latino and they used a different word in Spanish. Well, he was as gringo as I could imagine, and his specialty is joint pain, as in arthritis. He read my chart and absolutely couldn't figure out why I was sent to him.

I asked to please put that in writing and took his note back to my GP's office. They apologized a huge amount, and at least they didn't try to blame Blue Cross. (Blue Cross has some extremely inaccurate information in their listings about doctors' phone numbers and specialties.) But the next time I could be seen by anyone is March.

Hubby is livid, though I'm a little more philosophical. He started telling me that I needed to tell them a 6-week wait is unacceptable and they needed to make me an appointment sooner. But really, the nurse can only get me in as soon as the other guy has an opening, she can't force them to see me. He's concerned because he is looking forward to leaving this job in the next few weeks and at that time we will lose our health insurance. I expect to go back to work tho', so maybe it's for the best because then it won't be listed as a pre-existing condition.

I like to think these things happen for the best, but I'm very frustrated about it nonetheless.

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Geeeeesh! Sounds like my doctors! Well, I don't have what you're going through, but I have epilepsy and I do know what how frustrating this is... Please know that you're in my thoughts and I wish you the very best care.

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Sunlion - I'm sorry you didn't get to see the doctor. I'm sure you were looking forward to getting some answers and having to wait until March must be so frustrating!
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I've got PCOS too. It's such a pain in the A**.

There's some great info and support at Soul Cysters
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Doctor's offices are crazy. About 2 years ago, I started getting headaches..... the type where tyleno wouldn't help. So, I called my doctor's to make an appointment. Do you know what they called back to say???? The nurse said the doctor felt I need to see a neurologist! Can you believe that! She wanted me to see a neurolgist, instead of being seen by her first! I eventually found a new doctor & she told me it was tension headaches. I'm glad I went to another one, first, before seeing a specialist!

Oh, and I haven't had my "annual" girl check yet ...... Last time I had mine done was in Oct. 2000! I tried to make an appointment, but the schedule is so nuts......
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Sunlion....I can certainly understand why you are frustrated...it seems like that's a long time to have to wait to see a Doctor!!
I will be thinking of you, and let us know when you get in to see him, and what you find out.
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