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"Mean kitty" stories, anyone hehe

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It's official. Zoe is possessed.
Yesterday I heard her messing with the bathroom trash can, so I went to see what trouble she was getting into. She had picked every Q-Tip out of the trash and had them on the floor!! And she was sucking on one!! A used Q-Tip!!
And today....
I changed the litter out, and used a different kind of litter than usual. So what does Little Miss Meanness do? She checks it out, backs up, half-squats, and pees...ALL OVER THE WALL!!! She totally missed the litter box. She just peed on the wall, jumped out of the box, ran off and sat there glaring at me! I guess she didn't like the new litter. lol
That's not as bad as the time she got mad at me, stepped into the litter box, looked right at me and stepped out, then went over and peed all over my clean jeans...glaring at me the whole time. lol
She's possessed by a demon, I tell you!!

Anyone else have funny "mean kitty" stories?
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Our kitties haven't been intentionally mean to us, but to each other. Holly's always trying to stand her ground and Mika's always playing 'mean big brother'. She took a little chunk of skin out of his head once just trying to get him to leave her alone.

They do do things that annoy us, but not on purpose. Since the litter box is in the bedroom, and Mika loves to have his morning poo and then jump on the bed, he gets litter in the bed all the time. They do things they know we don't like, but I'm certain it's more out of curiosity than rebelion
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I have 2 litterboxes in my house,(one downstairs in kitchen corner and the other in my bedroom) and I swear Samson does this intentionally. He waits until hubby and I get really settled in bed and he comes in and does the stinkiest poo!!
Whenever we are expecting company over, and the whole house is totally clean, I can guarantee one of the cats will puke somewhere about 2 minutes before our company shows up. And they'll do it somewhere really difficult to get cleaned up...or they'll have to do it in a couple places. Or, even worse, Emmy is known for this....she does the whole "ARG, ARG" thing...sounds just like a seal....she'll do this for about 10 minutes. Now, luckily, she rarely every vomits when she makes this sound, but you can just imagine how embarrassing this is when there's company in the living room and from out in the kitchen she's making this sound like a seal being choked.
Ranger used to sit right outside our bedroom door, and wait for me to get up during the night, and jump and "attack" me when I came out of the bedroom. That was kinda mean, except he was still really young, so it was more funny than scary, 'cause the highest he could jump was to the heighth of my knee.
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Oh boy!!

mean cat stories, I have a couple

My parents cat Honey (RIP) was a spayed female but she was very masculine.

One day my dad yelled at her for something..can't remember what..but with both of us standing there watching her she got up on the kitchen chair and sprayed all over my dad's jacket..which was hanging over the back on the chair! I was laughing like crazy!!

My kitty Reilly, I love him to death but he has jealously issues...he doesn't like to be ignored. One day I had to do a local TV interview and was running around trying to get ready, and I didn't have time to play ball with him. I leaned over to give him a kiss goodbye and he swiped me across the face with his paw. Boy did he ever cut my face!!, and a deep cut to!!, they had to do the interview from an angle that didn't show that side of my face!
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Sophie doesn't do anything that I would really construe as "mean"..but she sure is ornery! If she's doing something she isn't supposed to be doing, like chewing on wires, I give her a loud hiss and she takes off. Still, it NEVER fails...it takes three warnings, no matter what she is doing, before she stops. Every single time. My husband didn't believe me until he had to try it when she was jumping on the kitchen table. After the third time of being taken off, she finally stayed down. He thinks I have instigated some sort of strange "third time's a charm" training on her. LOL
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Not one of mine, but I remember walking from my house, 10 blocks to my mother's house when I lived in Seattle.
Coming down the hill, about 3 blocks from her house, I see a big red tabby attacking a telephone pole, and it looked like he was dead serious.
I couldn't help but stop and watch the absurdity of the scene, somewhat awestuck.
Then, without warning, a giggle bubbled up and escape from my mouth.
The crazy redheaded cat heard it, looked straight at me, flattened his ears and charged.
I ran like my behind was on fire.
I figured if that cat was insane enough to take on a telephone pole, I didn't want to stick around to see what he had in store for me.

I did, eventually one day see his owner out and told her the story, because I was worried he might be sick.
She laughed of course and said he'd always been like that, just a few bricks shy of a load.
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My mother-in-law has a good mean kitty story. When she was a teen, her family moved up to Connecticut from New Jersey. They brought the family cat with them. He was 6 or 7 years old at the time, and they had raised him from a baby. I think his name was Carpeycat, and he was totally white except for a black spot on his side and over one of his eyes.

When they were settled in their new home for quite a while, Carpeycat disappeared. Down the street from my MIL's house was an upscale condo complex. My MIL came from a family who earned only a modest living, and this condo complex was luxury compared to her house.

One day she was on her way to the luxury condo complex to visit a friend, and she just happened to look up at the balcony of one of the condos. There on a very expensive looking catbed was Carpeycat. The woman who lived in this condo said his name was Samson and she took him in as a stray. When my MIL explained that this was her cat, she let her approach him. And of course, what does Carpeycat do? He hissed at my mother-in-law and ran away. He totally dissed her so he could live in the lap of luxury rather than come home with her! Or at least, she thinks so. He probably just forgot who she was.
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My cat Furball is very moody. One second she'll be nuzzling your face like a nice kitty, and the next second she'll bite you hard in the face. She also has a problem with other cats. She hates them. When I got my kitten Mikey for my birthday Furball was very upset. During the night she actually peed all over my dad's shorts he had setting out for the next day. As the years passed Furball continually beat Mikey up and she recently slit his ear permanentally.
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My cat Gizmo, I think she truly is posessed! When she gets mad, the pupils of her eyes get a red tint to them. I never see them like that except when she's mad. She will attack feet/legs for no apparent reason, and will bite and scratch VERY hard. While making a mean growling sound. I have scars from that. If she's in the bed and you move wrong, she will make you lay stil with a wicked snarl and a hard swat. Sometimes, she'll come up just being the most sweet, loving kitty, and crawl up on my chest for some petting and loving. Then, ever so slowly, she extends a paw to my neck, right over the juglar, and extends her claws so I can just feel the tips on my skin. If I move in any way, she extends them a bit more. I get a distinct "Move, and I'll rip out your jugular!" vibe from her then.
The best thing she's ever done though, was during my DD's birthday party. My SIL (can't stand that woman) came in to use the bathroom (party was outside). BIL went in the house, and hears her call "Can somebody come help me?" Gizmo was laying in the hallway, and every time she tried to leave the bathroom, Giz would draw a paw back and make a threatening noise at her. It was all I could do to keep from laughing, it shows my cat really knows people!
She wasn't always like this, we got her at 5 weeks, and she was soooo sweet. But around 4-5 mos she started getting a little less nice, and she came back from her spay like this. She bit a couple of the staff at the vet's office when she was spayed, and now we have to muzzle her there even for simple stuff like shots, because she fully intends to draw blood.

She still isn't too crazy about Little Man!

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