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I have been to a lot of concerts.......but I would have to say the best one was Incubus last year....

Gosh were they good...Great energy, great play list, and of course great looking lead singer, not to mention they are my favorite bans...It was so great....
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Underworld on May 1 of 1999, the last date of the "Beaucoup Fish" Tour, at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Los Angeles.

Some friends and I made the trip from Mexico, had a blast, then stayed a couple of days cruising around L.A. before heading back home.

The vibe at the concert was incredible. Twenty thousand people jumping in unison made the floor pulsate like an earthquake was happening. And another thing, Underworld was a cross-cultural hit, so that the concert had it all - asians, blacks, whites and hispanics in large amounts. Talk about one nation under one groove, a powerful positive energy had us all electrified, everybody smiling at each other with bright, shining eyes.

And then, at the end of the concert, on a huge screen behind the stage, a black-on-white silhouette of the Millennium Falcon zooming along at high speed. Get it? "The Phantom Menace" was to come out three weeks later.

I was psyched for a full week afterwards.
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The SARS Stock concert here in Toronto and Metallica
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Emerson Lake and Palmer- summer of 1974- they rocked the coliseum!
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By far Rush @ the OMNI in Atlanta in 88 with BOC as headliner
Evening with Rush at small venue in Downtown Toronto 2004
Rush @ the Molsen Amplatheater Toronto in 96 (can you tell im a big rush fan?)
Chicago in a small venue theater in Buffalo in 98 (really really personal and cool)
Iron maiden, Quiet riot and Twisted sister in Kingsport TN ~ 84
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Bruce Springsteen, Geneva NY - I think it was 1974
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Originally Posted by hissy
Emerson Lake and Palmer- summer of 1974- they rocked the coliseum!
Oh you lucky cat.
Thats one of the many bands that I had a chance to go see and didnt now i live to regret
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I haven't been to many,

Barenaked Ladies was a hoot. They were half comedy, half music. What a blast!

And the Steve Miller Band, dancing in the rain on the lawn... this was 12 years ago I guess? Lots of fun.

Jimmy Buffet in Cincinnati is also a sight to behold, but there's so much tequila flowing, no one remembers anything so I can't remember if it was great or not. One Big Blur.
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The Slackers and The Alkaline Trio always put on great shows. I cannot name one time I was disappointed with either band, and I've seen them both more than a handful of times.
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I am so deprived, I have never been to a concert before
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the most entertaining I would say was when I saw Rammstein somewhere around 99/00. But that was NOT for children. It was just entertaining in a sick and twisted way.
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I wish I could say "Elvis", but I never got chance to see him in concert.

I went to a Christian concert put on by Bill Gaither in Greensboro, NC. There were a lot of good gospel singers there and I enjoyed it very much.
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Backstreet Boys and 3 Doors Down... 2 great shows
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