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Originally Posted by Gilly
I like Special K but they are not on there
You stole my post Gilly...
I voted by Corn Flakes but Lately we ate Special K in all kind of presentations too..

But also we have the preference for the "Frosted Flakes" but version from the Quaker ....Just only for the Gift of the Cats from the "Artist"....
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Alas your poll is not mutually exclusive nor exhaustive tho with cereal that would be a poll two pages long or more!!! You include cereals only available in the US (some in Canada and Europe) but there are some available in Canada that the US does not have and vice versa. Same goes for Europe. I really like a cereal in Ireland that comes with yogurt but I cannot find it in Canada or the US. My fav cereal by far is Kashi sesame puffed rice. (www.kashi.com) My sister brought some with her from Boston when she came to visit and I like almost all the Kashi products. I love the Kashi Crunch as a snack even tho it is suppoose to be a health food cereal.


You do not have any of the other natural or organic cereals listed either ort Shreddies - avail in Canada and Europe tho I've never seen them in the US.

I also love the Fruit Loops cereal bars (they have yogurt on top and are sooo good!)

You could amend your poll I suppose but that would negate the results thus far. But it's not inclusive! (and no Ksahi, wahhhh ,lol)
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