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A kitty apology!

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I always thought that cats would be too proud to ever apologize. I think Kinah just proved me wrong.

I was standing in front of the stove cooking when Kinah suddently decided to attack my right foot. I told her she was a bad kitty, picked her up and put her in the living room.
I went back in the kitchen, stood in front of the stove again and before I knew it, Kinah was back but this time she hugged my right foot, gave it a little lick and a head but.

She's gotta be the weirdest and sweetest kitten I've ever seen!
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Awww, how sweet! My Billy never apologizes for biting my feet, he just comes back for more!
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By golly! I think you're right! How sweet is that?
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Awwww, what a sweet girl!
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That's cute.
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Oh, how sweet of Kinah!
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Awwwwww... that is so sweet.

That is KINDA what Garfield does. When he attacks my feet and I fuss at him and tell him no b/c it hurts meowmy... he darts toward me as if he is going to do it again... but then instead of attacking my foot... he wraps his furry little arms around my ankle and starts to lick it!! LOL He is like a big baby though. He hates to get fussed at!!
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Such a sweet little girl!
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That's wonderful...my cats just look at me like "WHAT?!?!?" and pretend as if I'm the one who did something wrong!
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What a good kitty!, Reilly would never do that
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I get the "what did I do" look. What a sweet girl you have!
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That's wonderful - what a sweet kitty
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