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RIP sweet Shy Anne

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A little kitten my husband rescued about a month ago was hit and killed by a car the other day.

About a month ago, Shy was driving in the pouring rain when he saw a little lump huddled right on the yellow line. At the last second, he realized it was a tiny kitten. He swerved, stopped and went and picked her up. He dried her off and warmed her up. He then stopped at a store and bought her some food, litter and a makeshift litterbox. He was in a town that was 2 hours away from here so he couldn't bring her to me. He is a pharm rep so he had to continue his office visits while the kitten was eating/sleeping. He told one of the nurses in the office about the kitten and she referred him to a local vet that would give the kitty a checkup and adopt her to a good home. He reluctantly dropped the kitten off and was assured they would find her a good home.

He kept calling and checking on her. I think he really wanted to bring her home---but we can't care for more than 4 cats right now. He told all the nurses in all the DR's offices in the area about the kitten and one of those nurses ended up being able to adopt her. She named the kitten "Shy Anne" after Shy. The lady lived back in the woods on a huge farm and had outdoor cats and decided Shy Anne would be an outdoor cat also. One week after the nurse adopted her, Shy Anne was hit by a car and killed on the road. Shy was crying when he told me about it. He feels really guilty for not bringing the kitten to our home.

RIP baby Shy Anne. You were too sweet for this cruel world.
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Awww Kelly that is so sad. RIP sweet Anne, at least she knew love!
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Kelly thats awful, especially after Shy had rescued her the first time

He did the right thing when he first found her, but that doesn't help him feel the way he does

I bet theres a little girl in heaven right now looking down on Shy

RIP Shy Anne sweetie
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How terrible to be rescued once and then have this happen. Your friend did the best he could. Many people wouldn't have stopped and picked her up the first time.

RIP Sweet baby Shy Anne
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I just read this aloud to a fellow cat lover - my hubby. He was also touched by your story. Please give Shy and extra hug from us. RIP Shy Anne. I guess Life # 2 be better than the first. Eight more to go
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Poor little furbaby

RIP Shy Anne
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Oh, that is such a shame! Each little kitty life is so precious. And to think that Shy saved her from the road, and then the road claimed her life. Rescue is so difficult! You do the best you can with the resources you have available. But for tiny Shy Anne to only have one week in her new home...that is just too short.

Condolences to all concerned. Poor little Shy Anne. And poor Shy, who tried so hard to give her a chance at a good life. Remind him there is no need for him to feel guilty. He did everything possible within his limits, to provide what seemed best. Shy Anne being hit by a car was a horrible accident. It was not his fault. And we all have limits of the number of cats who we can properly care for, and who will be happy together. I am very sorry for this loss to you and Shy, and even the lady who let the kitten outside.
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How Terrible! RIP Shy Anne.
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RIP Shy Anne
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That´s awful Kellye...... my condelences and thank you for take care this poor soul in that hard times...
RIP Little one...
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Oh Kelly, I am so sorry!
I remember you talking about the little kitty that Shy rescued....I'm sorry she met such a tragic fate . Rest at the bridge Shy Anne....Don't worry Kelly, my kitty Stormy will take good care of her there .
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I'm so sorry to hear that Kelly! I think Shy did an excellent job of finding her a good home where she was able to be outside.
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I'm so sorry to hear this, Kelly! What a shame that this little purrson had such a short time, after being rescued. to you and Shy. RIP little sweet Shy Anne
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RIP little baby, please play happily in heaven.
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Sorry to hear this Kelly

RIP little baby Play happily with all the other kitties in heaven
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