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Oliver likes cheese, roast chicken...nothing too out of the ordinary.
Emma, on the other hand, will eat or drink pretty much anything. She loves to smell my Chai tea and once licked the outside of a wasabi pea!
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Originally Posted by Loveysmummy
Lovey likes to lick jam off my fingers...I heard that cats don't have a sweet tooth but I think my cat is likely supernatural
Who ever found out that cat's can't taste sweet evidently forgot to tell my Gandalf too. He loves anything sweet, from soda pop to icecream to hard candy. I'm not sure where he developed a taste for it but man is he crazy for it.

Samwise likes cheese, cottage cheese, any kind of meat, and his favorite treat ever? Candy Canes, the boy goes wild and will climb the Christmas tree in order to bring one down and suck on it.
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Katie loves Italian food, or anything with spaghetti or tomato sauce. One time I left a bowl of spaghetti sauce sitting on the dining room table and she tipped the whole thing over onto the floor. She's also been known to steal the toppings off of a slice of pizza.

Gracie LOVES lettuce, especially Romaine, and will beg for it when I open a bag of salad mix. She's also fond of other fruits and veggies, especially peaches and tomatos. She's also very fond of strawberry cereal bars.
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Growing up I had a Cat named Jasmine, she liked cooked Strawberries. Katie likes Pasta.
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Ari has a fondness for Corn Chex and the sweet flakes from Honey Bunches of Oats cereal.

Minx (RIP) was our cheese lover. Any form, variety with a fondness for cheese curls. He also liked to lick tomato sauce from dirty plates. Made dishwashing easier!
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K.C. eats peas... so does Zorro.

Zorro also likes sauerkraut.

Hammie likes plastic... so we have to be REALLY careful about leaving anything plastic around!

and Dusty just totally freaks over Ritz crackers & Doritos. And, Kraft American cheese singles; but only Kraft. She hears that wrapper and comes running!
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I just learned Poodle also likes Diet Coke with Lime. She stole some from my cup!
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my cats loves bread, plain noodles/pasta, corn, rice, cheese
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Resurrecting this thread, because I thought you all would like to know, that Emma just ate a sour patch kid. That's right, the sour, chewy candy. Grabbed it out of my hand, ran off with it, and devoured it.

You'd think I didn't feed her or something!
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i still laugh when I prepare a salad and Faline will come up to me and meow for a lettuce or two. When I indulge and give it to her, she runs away under the table from the other cats like it's a catnip/tuna treat.
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boy boy and meow meow loves pork floss, a kind of specialty from thailand... they would be angry with me if i dun share mine with them!
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Sasha loves spaghetti and lasagna.
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Dazee will try and get anything she can.

Chance goes for any bread products, cheese or carrot.

Mazee isn't much for people food except chicken, they all love that.

Grazee has a nose for potato chips.
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cabbagem rice, bread, pretty much anything we are trying to eat!
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CArter is a really curious cat, whatever we eat, he tries to get some, though his favourites are cheesecake, pizza (pepperoni and cheese), cottage cheese, salad (I guess he loves the joghurt I put in there, hehe), biscuits and all kinds of sweets foods, like deep fried stuff and the like. He goes nuts when you open the fridge and tries to hop in every time! He also tried chocolate , my breakfast cereals and several varieties of crisps...
My girl, Laura, only rarely comes to sneak leftovers, mostly a bit of cheese or meat when I'm making dinner. In that case I usually give them those little fatty or tough bits that I need to cut off anyway
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barnaby will eat a kebab with loads of chilli scauce on it the hotter the better,and currys, ronnies not a mooch its just cat food for him,reggie loves cheese or basically anything im eating thats sweet he wants,
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Harley will eat EVERYTHING!! He loves chicken, eggs, McDonalds french fries...he will eat anything off your plate!
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Im not sure if I posted on this thread or not but Tiger loves Doritos and I have caught him eating creamed corn . He's also known for slurping down noodles. He has a curiosity for ketchup, but everytime he sniffs it, he sneezes, and then does it again... now if I can just teach him to NOT sneeze on our plates!
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Jazz a Boo like spaghetti (she will actually stick her face into my bowl) french fries, (I didn't give it to her she snatched it from between my finger and ran) and for some strange reason she slike to eat plastic, espeically the shopping bags the supermarket gives you!
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Serenity loves Italian green beans.
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Lola loves her bread and (soy) butter. And she really likes tomato juice for some reason...
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Jinx LOVES sweedish fish!!! When I open the ziplock bag he comes running and will play with them and chew them and play and chew, you got the picture!!!
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