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What are the strangest foods (or things) your cat will eat?

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My new little kitten likes bread, she's crazy about it (I let her have just a little taste and now she want's more...). Otherwise I used to have a cat that wouldn't eat potatoes but she would eat potato peal if she was able to STEAL some..... And she'd eat cucumbers too. But she would not eat dry cat food or any dinner leftovers. She wanted only canned catfood. Well, they're supposed to have catfood anyway... But all our cats used to go bunkers if my dad was prepareing fish (my mom wouldn't touch it!).
What do your cats eat that is a bit unusual or nontraditional to feed a cat?
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Spaz and Vash both like poptarts.
Spaz also likes raw spinach and pizza crusts and has been known to steal cooked peppers, the hot kinds.
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Fat Free Pringles (Sour cream and onion)
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Samson is my only cat that eats weird things.....he eats popcorn, barbecue chips, peanuts, peas, and breaded veal.
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my RB cat Lolly used to eat vegemite off the spoon!
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Charcoal likes cheese nips for some wierd reason.
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We have to throw away all plastic shopping bags as soon as we unload the groceries because Mika chews on the handles and swallows them.

I caught him doing it once and had to pull it out of his throat... I nearly lost my lunch So he'll never get the opportunity to pull that stunt again!

His favorite fetch toy used to be hair scrunchies, but he started eating them, too... so those went bye bye. You really have to watch what might be in his reach because if he can swallow it, he will!!!
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my girl tried to eat the sting net off of a ham and i had to pull it out of her. Its so icky!
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My oldest one, CJ, loves cheese doodles and chinese food.
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One of the boys dropped a cheese ball (like a cheeto but round) and Sophie batted it around, licked it, batted it some more...then the dog came in and ate it. Poor Sophie.

Sunni liked popcorn and cheesecake. Silly girl.
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Also my cat Holly always tries to eat bits of ribbon and string. We have to be so careful to insure we don't leave anything around.
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Joshua once drank some of my orange juice while I wasn't looking.

Kinah likes bread. Actually, she eats pretty much everything.

I had a cat a few years ago that used to beg for food all the time. And no one could ever say no to him. He was a really big cat, with a cute kitten face and had the tinyest cutest meow. That cat would eat just about anything you gave him. I think the weirdest thing was a frozen pea (still frozen).
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Ivo loves lettuce. Last weekend I bought a salad with chicken and cheese in it. I stepped out of the kitchen for a moment and when I came back Ivo had her head in the bowl eating lettuce-she totally ignored the chicken and cheese.
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Tiger is known for eating paper
but both Tiger and Aspen like cream corn
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How could I forget? Holly's always poking her head in my glass to lick my ice. It got to the point that when ever I go into the kitchen I throw a handful of ice in their water bowl to keep her happy.

I don't like drinking after her but I don't want to lose a brand new glass of ice water so I just kind of mix it up hoping any germs will be killed by the ice Sometimes she gets water in her nose and sneezes when she's got her head in my glass... at that point I have to call it a total loss.
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Poodle loves pizza! She'll eat off all the pepperoni and cheese. Then, she'll barf it up all over the rug!
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Mirah doesn't eat anything weird.
Annie likes Chicken salad spread.
CJ likes Cheeto's Puffs.
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My dearest Muggins (RIP) used to love to eat cheezies, ravioli and beeferoni ..she had white fur around her lips and the fur would get a tomato coloured stain...(she was supposed to be on a diet but that always gave it away!!)
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my old cat Teeka used to like popcorn! I would say to her "come sit on the couch with mummy and eat popcorn and watch movies". And she would hop up and eat a little popcorn while cuddling with me!
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Harvey loves bread, too. In fact, I have to be really sure I don't leave any bread products out on the counter or he'll tear open the bags they're in and eat until he gets sick. He loves popcorn, too.

Tailer loves fortune cookies. Forest will eat, literally, just about anything.
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barnaby adores kebab meat with loads of chilli sauce on it.plus spag bol. all the cats love cheese
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Where do I start, Scully's previous owners let him have a lot of human food so he will eat pretty much anything...
Mashed potato is probably his favourite, pringles, fries, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, cereal, he will drink steaming hot tea (as will Magnum). Boomer will eat the usual leftovers and Magnum and Bumper tend not to be interested in anything but catfood and the occasional piece of meat. Scully I am yet to find something he won't try and eat!
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Lovey likes to lick jam off my fingers...I heard that cats don't have a sweet tooth but I think my cat is likely supernatural

He will also lick as much Burts Bees mint lip balm off my lips as he can. I can't put it on at home anymore or he won't leave me alone... I once found the container suspiciously on the kitchen floor and it looked like an animal with fangs had tried to break into it...

Rocky only likes MEAT of any kind. so nothing special there...
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Originally Posted by okeefecl
Ivo loves lettuce. Last weekend I bought a salad with chicken and cheese in it. I stepped out of the kitchen for a moment and when I came back Ivo had her head in the bowl eating lettuce-she totally ignored the chicken and cheese.

When I was a teenager we had a cat who also liked lettece and cooked frozen mixed vegetables and there was no butter on them.

Currently Chuckie likes marshmellows and he and Crystal likes to lick the "cheese" off of Cheetos.
Crystal likes the circus peanuts candy (a marshmellow type of cany).
Stormy loves whipped cream that comes in the can...all she has to do is hear the hiss sound from the can and she comes running!
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Teufel loves olives especially the green ones, he will lick and lick and rub it all over him, takes about 15 minutes and then he eats it,
he also eats coffee beans and he loves espresso.
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Elliot's ultimate most favorite thing in the world to eat is....


We bought one a couple of week sago and I wondered if he would like it... so I took a peice and showed it to him, and he almost went into a frenzy! He bit it and chewed it and licked it! You couldnt open the fridge without him standing in it and pawing the top shelf where the watermelon was! I eventually took the last of the watermelon (it was the bottom of it) and carved the watermelon out of it, then squeezed the water in there for him and he was soooo happy that day!

Elliot also likes strawberry banana yogurt (but basically any kind), mandarin oranges, corn, peas, beans, mushrooms, applesauce, apples, oranges, pineapples, peaches, pears..... so basically any food at all as long as it is organic. He doesnt really like meat though.

Aerowyn likes strong, smelly foods... like she loves summer sausage but elliot wont touch it... she liked this spread my mom made with cream cheese, italian seasoning (not the normal stuff but this stuff from pampered chef) and a bit of garlic... elliot wouldnt touch that again but aerowyn loved the bit I gave her (didnt give her too much cuz of the garlic) Aerowyn likes meat though. SHe isnt really all that big on vegetables....

both of my cats go absolutely wild for green olives though!
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Panter loves peanut butter.
Ebony loves mint ice cream.
Destiny loves spaghetti. And I love to watch her eat it!
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Lovey reminded me, Tiger will lick the raspberry lip gloss off of my mouth if I let him lol
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My angel Kit used to love cheese popcorn. Sash will nibble on bread too if it's around, he also shared McDonald's french fries with me once and seemed to love them!
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