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E-collar alternatives anyone?

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Since Cassi is self destructive, she's going to have to have at least one biopsy site restitched Monday after the necrotic tissue is cut away.
In the mean time I'm flushing the larger hole with tepid, boiled bottled water twice a day.

The other we can get away with butterflies.

E-collars are great, but not intended for long term use.
My only thought was to request a gauze wrap, covered by wet to dry bandaging to save the wounds from her claws.
They are also talking of bringing her down slightly with meds to curb her overgrooming tendancies.

Anyone have any other suggestions besides the wet to dry?
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No, and my only suggestion isn't as snug as what you are describing, but I wonder if it would give yet another layer of protection.

When Joshua (RB) scratched an area under one ear high up on his nec, I took a sock, and cut off the foot portion, using the ankle portion - this I could easily slide over his head and it covered him from the base of his ears to the bottom of his neck. It was enough to give protection and stop him from scratching the wound as much, and with antibiotic ointment, I was then able to get it to heal. He looked very silly in his elegant sock apparel
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How long would the e-collar have to be on? Sometimes we have animals wear them for quite a while with no problems. There are also things called Bite-Not collars although I am not sure if they make them small enough for cats. Or sometimes we do a sweater type dressing with the long tubular gauze. Put it over the body, all the way down to the back legs and cut holes out for the front legs and tape around the two ends. That usually works pretty well.
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She has had the e-collar off and on for a few months, mostly off, thankfully.
She's had it on going on two weeks now, and we're looking at probably another 2-3 weeks for a complete heal and scarring to occur.

Currently, I have a sweatshirt sleeve cuff which is enough to protect the back of her neck from e-collar rub.
The one under her ear though is right under her ear, about the size of a walnut in the shell, and goes partially into her ear.

I don't think anything less than a heavy material is going to keep her from redamaging the area.
I had also thought of vet wrap, but I don't think it'll stay in place as well.

Her vet is worrying that if we can't stop her from damaging herself, she'll have to be declawed.
We're trying to avoid that if possible.
We will start by getting her current sores healed, and hopefully medication to keep her from creating new ones.
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Aw poor thing! No suggestions from me, sorry
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Maybe something like soft paws? It might help the sharp claws from opening up the wound.
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Softpaws are certainly something we're looking at.
I'm not sure how much you know of this dear cat of mine, but she was a feral until this past spring.
She's not yet big on being handled or picked beyond getting butt and belly rubs.
Luckily she does go in her carrier willingly.

Still working on getting her to let us handle her feet.
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I did not know that about her. Maybe some little booties you can slip over her feet? lol Other than that I'm out of ideas.

Good luck!!
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I actually was considering slipping some baby booties on her back feet.
LOL that's desperation for you.
I will have them clip her nails back tomorrow while they have her gassed and maybe see if they can slip some caps on then too.

Hopefully drug therapy will work for the long term to keep her from creating any new sores.
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Hi Arlyn,
I friend of mine tried these soft e-collars and she said they were awesome. Kitty could eat and get around a lot easier with them on.

Here's the website

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Ooh thanks, I'll order a couple of those to keep on hand.

They won't help much in this situation though, I'm trying to get her out of an e-collar altogether.
Cats seem to go nuts when unable to groom their private bits properly, and I'm hoping to come up with a solution that will protect her neck and allow her to groom.
I'll run all of these suggestions by the vet tomorrow, thanks much.
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Vet wrap should stay? it works well on callie when she gets a rub going on her bum leg. and I have had it stay on active horses really well. Vixen to be exact, she gashed her leg open on us as we were unloaded her from the trailer for a ride once. The vet onsite came over and checked it out didnt need stiches, and she was perfectly sound. no reply to pain on it. it just looked nasty. So he suggested just salve it wrap it and go. so thats what we did. she sure did look pretty in her purple vet wrap. stayed sound the whole way, and we won

I would have the vet slip those soft paws on while shes gassed. they do it at my clinic. they asked for halen when he was out if we wanted him trimmed, and caps put on. we got the trim but for now. no caps.
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Yeah, I think I'll ask for vet wrap and her back claws clipped and capped.
I'm sure she'll hate wearing a vet wrap turtle neck, but at least she could groom herself and Ivory then.

She's so frustrated that she's been licking me, the dog, any other cat that will sit still, I'm sure she's just trying to initiate some mutal grooming to help her out.
No one is interested though, poor girl.
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awww poor thing. Yes vet wrap will allow her to clean herself thats for sure. I love my vet wrap i have a case at home and two in the barn..tehehe...
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Distraction technique might work - bandage her feet or a leg, so that she worries that instead.
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How about a SOFT E-COLLAR - take a loook - much better than the cones and they have it for dogs and kitties!
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