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on the table

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rascal seems to be getting on the table a lot does anyone know how to make him stop? I took him off the table twice and used a firm voice to say "no". I heard that you can stop a cat from doing something wrong by spraying them with water. Is this true or just mean? Any ideas will help.
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In my book, its "just mean"...But that's my book..Unless, you are trying to deter a cat from doing something that is dangerous to its health, I think spraying is really unnecessary...

I allow mine up on the table. I mean, what's the big deal? Unless we are eating (which they don't do), they can lay or sit or jump on the table.
I just wipe it down before I eat at it..
Even then, admittedly, my Lovey can lay there (as that is what he does) and we have a conversation while I eat or whatever. He doesn't really beg so its ok with me...

Its alot less work in the long run than fighting the losing battle of keeping your cats off tables and counters. I never really understood the problem with that.
Cats like to be up high. Does he have a perch or a cat tree nearby that he can lay on and survey his world?

Even though mine do, Lovey still likes to lay in front of me on the table.
Rocky doesn't come near me at all when I am eating.. He is the more submissive scaredy boy. I think he may have been abused I don't know..But he is the 'Yes mum, yes mum" type...without me even telling him anything!!
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its not really me im like you i dont have a problem with it but its mainly my mom she doesnt like that king of stuff(shes weird lol). Rascal doesnt have a cat tree i would like to buy him 1 its just that our ceiling is made of the push up tiles. My dad doesnt think that the tiles would hold it. I say just cut a hole in the tile but again thats just me. What about those cat towers(its the tube that has 3 holes in it).Do you think that would satisfy him? What if i buy him 2 towers with the 3 holes in it.
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I don't agree with the water squirting either, i know i wouldn't like it.

Cats are not like dogs for saying no to, and i don't know of many cats that don't like to jump up on to tables or units.

If there somewhere where i'm preparing food when peoples around i just lift them down and throw them a ball to chase.
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o, maybe thats why he just looked at me like i was crazy when i said no
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I don't know what you mean by having to push up the ceiling tiles???
You can get a cat perch like these for instance which doesn't have to reach to the ceiling...:
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This is what i thought you meant when you said cat tree.
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yeah, sweetie, but they don't have to reach to the ceiling!
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I don't believe in the squirt-bottle method for cats. TCS has advice on disciplining cats http://www.thecatsite.com/Cats/Cat_B...iscipline.html
I don't allow my cats on the table either - guess I'm just squeamish or I need to keep my floors cleaner! Mine learned from the "hey, no table" pretty quickly.
Rascal is soooo cute, tho, it's gotta be hard to be strict- just look at that face!
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Our cats can eat, sleep fart at the table - whatever they want! Infact they are ecouraged, on our dining table we have cat beds. It's their house as much as mine, who am I to stop the things I love most.
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I have to admit that I used the water squirt to train Oliver that the table is off limits... I did, however, make sure every time I used it, I got him on the hind quarters and nowhere near the face... and actually, I only had to physically spray him a few times then merely reaching for the bottle made him get the idea... he's even advanced from that now to if I see him try to get up there or actually up there (which is now rare) a firm "Hey! No!" does the trick...He does have his own chair to sit on when we eat at the table, but I think he now understands that getting up on it is a no no... (also note that I didn't own Oliver until he was almost 3 years old and still managed to train him, so don't believe in the "you can't teach an old dog/cat new tricks" - my dog's 11 and I still teach her new things!)

I'm in a studio apartment and not only do I not have room for a cat tree, but I also dont have the money... Oliver gets his height satisfaction from a bookcase by the window (the top shelf purposely left empty to be his), the bed, the desk, my desk chair, etc... I'm sure he'd have a ball with a tree, but he's not sufferring without one...

Training kitties is not impossible either... try searching for the clicker training thread
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I don't really want Sophie on the kitchen table, but she's allowed on the desk, end tables, etc. My husband tends to lean towards the water bottle method, but I prefer to just hiss at her or physically take her off the table. She gets the idea...eventually. Like I said in another post, for some reason, it ALWAYS takes three times before she gives up. Maybe it's "three strikes and you're out"? LOL
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does the cat tree have to be right next to the table or can it be in the livingroom. Rascal really doesnt like to be high. He'll climb up my dresser and just sit there but when its time to come down he wants me to take him down. Hes a big baby.
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