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Soft Paws

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Has anyone used this new product that is called an "alternative to declawing"? Im thinking of purchasing some for my babies because I dont wish to have them declawed, I hear it's a painful procedure for the little ones. If you have used these and find that they help I would like to hear your stories!
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I've said it so many times before: Soft Paws have saved mine and Oliver's relationship, my skin and my furniture!!! I highly promote them!! I used to work at an animal hospital and assisted on many a declaw surgery - it was then I decided to NEVER declaw a cat - it is quite painful for them , and with the invention of Soft Paws, it's now pretty unnecessary... It will take your kitty a bit of time to get used to them and you will probably need a hand when you first apply them - I harnessed Oliver and had my boyfriend hold him the first time I applied them... at first they'll lick and try to scratch them off, but now, Oliver practically runs to me when he sheds one off to have it replaced!

I only put them on his front paws, because they're the only paws that were creating the problem... the package comes with 40 caps and 2 tubes of glue - I bought my first pack in mid-April and still have plenty left. You will want to clip your kitty's nails before applying them and they usually fall off about once a month as the kitty sheds his nails naturally... Oliver still enjoys scratching at his post, but no longer destroys anything!

I'm not sure what the packaging says as to how old the kitty should be before you attempt to apply them because Oliver is 3 and I didn't own him as a kitten... they come in sizes from kitten to large - Oliver is about 13 pounds and wears the medium... they also come in a variety of colors, including clear.. I would suggest looking for them on ebay first, as I've seen them cheaper there than in petsmart

Good luck and thanks for thinking about your kitty's feelings before declawing! Let us know your experiences!
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Couldn't have said it better myself.
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There are several threads about Soft Paws/Soft Claws already started that have valuable information in them. Please do a search and you should find them. Thanks.
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thanks for the information, I think that will be the alternative that I go with!
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www.softpaws.com has good application info, plus you can call or email them if you have questions that aren't answered in their q&a section.

If you're nervous about applying them yourself the first time, you can call around to find a vet or groomer who will apply them for you - ask if they'll let you watch so you can reapply them at home.
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