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Teething, Playing or Hugs?

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Chasey is about 10 weeks old now. A week or two ago she used to try some biting that was too strong, so I would redirect her to a stuffed mouse. Now she still does a little biting, often mixed or followed by her grooming my hand with her tongue. The biting is mostly soft and doesn't bug me. Is this normal for her at this age? I've also read that some soft biting is like a hug.
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I don't Ryan..I'd like to know though..My rescued cat used to be a biter..But now, he will only give me small slow bites (like in slow motion he puts his teeth on my hand) when I am petting him. He doesn't bite down and he doesn't do it all the time.
I realize though now that he "knows" that if he does it hard, it will hurt so yes, I liken it to "just feeling your weird skin without fur, ma"....

I would be curious if other cats do this too..
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Yeah, I need to know more too. I think she has learned that I don't like to be bitten hard and she does kind of a slow gnaw too. She doesn't seem to do it excessively.
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Since she's licking afterwards, I'd say it's a love nibble

Both sound like love nibbles.
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Yeah, I think its absolutely cute and he doesn't get reprimanded for it. Why would he?

I do understand it as something of a trust issue. If he wanted to scar up my hand, he could.
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I remember i put up a thread when Sophie was a kitten asking if they teethed like babies do?, and was told they did, because Sophie did that to me as well Ryan, but she mainly chewed on the corners of a magazine that was lying around.

One member here told me a tip which was to put a damp tea towel in the fridge, (but not the freezer) and give her that to chew on because it would soothe and cool her poor little toothy pegs
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Okay, thanks Susan! I'll try that as well.
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Sounds cute, Ryan! One of the kittens I had this season, Lonestar, was a nipper!
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Zoey is 18 months so she aint teething and she gives hugs and kisses via grab moms leg
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