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snooker, my sweet little boy kitty, absolutely loves it when i am in the laundry room! the little darling will come sit in the doorway and watch with rapt attention as i load the washer or dryer. then he follows me out to the sofa and 'helps' me fold the clothes (i.e. sitting on my stack of neatly folded towels, etc). i've started giving him a ride in the laundry basket as i go from room to room putting the clothes away. he loves this!

also, if i am puttering around in the kitchen he likes to watch (waiting for a possible snack, i know!) but he will also follow me when i'm cleaning the bathrooms or making the bed. he doesn't get underfoot, he just quietly observes...he shows more interest in the housework than my husband!

HRH blossom, however, chooses not to grace us with her presence when there is cleaning going on...unless hubby is cleaning out the litter box, and then they both try to 'help'!