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We just adopted (or rather, were adopted by) a stray cat. I've never had a cat before, so the behavior is a bit baffling to me. Cookie is (according to the vet) probably about 7-8 months old. When we took him in he had ear mites and fleas (which we had treated). We had him neutered, and almost declawed him (because we didn't know any better) - but after some research we decided against it.

He has been a great cat so far - we have two small children, and Cookie is very patient with them. He loves to be petted and held (in fact, he acts more like a dog than what I expected from a cat). He's using the litterbox consistently after the first day. He doesn't seem to scratch things very much, and he loves to hunt balls and play with his toys.

The strange thing I'm seeing is this - he holds fabric in his mouth (our shirts, a blanket, you name it), kneads with his paws - his ears lay back, his back arches, and his tail tenses. He purrs really loudly the whole time, too. He doesn't appear to be overtly aggressive when he does this - he's never bitten us doing this at all. He doesn't even appear to bite the fabric - just holds it in his mouth. I've never seen anything like this - does anyone have a clue what he is doing?