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personality switch

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i recently adopted two cats (ages 1 1/2 and 2), one boy and one girl, from a foster home. They seemingly adjusted well over the last month but all of a sudden, in the last few days, they appear to have completely traded personalities. The one that was reserved and only liked attention when she initiated it has now become extremely outgoing. The one that was friendly and my little "love bug" now hides under my bed and behind my couch. He is not all that receptive to attention. What is this and how can I deal with it? It's worrying me.
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First they should be checked by a vet to see if there's a health issue that's causing the change of behavior. Escpecially with the one hiding, that is very concerning and makes me think your baby may be ill.
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Any time there is an abrupt behavior change, a vet visit is a good idea. If the cat checks out to be healthy then you look for other things that might cause this- environmental, stress related, maybe the two cats tangled while no one was home, new person in the home...any number of things, but health issues should be ruled out first-
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