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Hitting water dish

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My cat (female 1-1/2 years old) has a habit of knocking her water dish all over the floor until it's empty. She does drink the water from her dish sometimes, but I worry that she's not drinking enough or doesn't like it.

Also, she scratches at her food dish and often covers it with things (i.e. mail that she's knocked off the kitchen counter). I can't figure her out...part of it may be that she was orphaned and doesn't know better. ?

(previously posted this under health and nutrition by mistake).
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Some cats are just attracted to playing in the water. If she weren't drinking enough, her urine would be very concentrated and she would have other signs of dehydration. You can try 2 things with this. You can get the metal bowls with the stands to keep them in place or another favorite of the kitties is the fountains. They love running water and you can't tip them over.
With the food. It is instinct for them to cover or mark thier food. It is natural to try and hide it from others who may want to take it. It is also making a claim on it. It is completley natural for her to do this. Not all cats do this, but it's fun when you have one that does.
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Hi from Massachusetts! My girlfriend has 2 kittens that do the same thing - they love to play in the water and make a mess. Jinxy my black does this wierd little dance around his bowl before he settles in to drink, as did my Romeo, who had to be put to sleep three weeks ago . Romeo also would use his foot instead of just drinking out of the bowl. He would also put his foot in your milk, coffe, etc... I think they all have their wierd little things they do. Keep you on your toes. Much snow up there? I'm going to Sunday River this Weekend!!!! YYYEEEAAAA
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Sorry about the blue frown - I'm new - trying to figure out everything!
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You could try what I have done and you'll be sure she is getting enough water . Last year for christmas I got a big heavy glass bowl for floating candels for my living room. That lasted about a week and now it is a huge cat water dish . They started drinking from it with the candels in it, they even tried to pick them out. So now it is candle free and the cats won't drink from anything else. The good thing about it is that it won't get knocked over and I always know they have plenty of water. (But what I really want is my candle holder back )
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Jinxy has this weird eating habit. He shovels his food with his mouth and the food goes all ver the floor, then he swats the food and plays with it, then he eats it off of the floor. And when he drinks, he sticks his whole snout in the water and his snout is always wet. It's pretty cute!!

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