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Must have been thirsty

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I promise, she has her own water bowl!

My 13 year old son, Ryon, was laughing so hard he couldn't talk last night...this is why:

This is HIS glass of water.

Apparently, Sophie doesn't understand, though.

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Sampson can't resist trying to knock the glass over though. Doesn't even thick to see if he can reach inside the glass. Just knocks it over to get the stuff out.
Sophie has such pretty coloring!
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That is soooo funny!!
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Originally Posted by leesali
That is soooo funny!!
........NEAT!!! ......
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Great pics!!!
I've caught Chuckie doing that more than once!!
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Thats too cute!
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That's hysterical! My cat Holly puts her paws in my water glasses and it's so funny because once she knocks it off she just walks off.
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lol How cute!
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Now THAT'S determination!
My Safari tries to do that sometimes, too....but I don't think he's ever managed to get his face quite that far in! SO funny!!!!
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That is so funny! She is beautiful! Very good pictures!
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I left a half-drank glass of water on the table before we went to dinner tonight...came back to find an empty glass turned over, water all over the coffee table, and Oliver looking guilty.
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Awww, that's so cute! I have a pic of my baby doing that too. (I'd post it here but I don't want to hijack your thread).
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Those pics are so beautiful - one determined cat - water is obviously better from a glass rather than a plain old cat bowl.
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What great pics!!
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