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New food?

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Genie threw up this morning shortly after eating a mixture of about 3/4 of old food which they didn't seem to like that well and 1/4 of new food (RC Persian formula, which I thought would be good for their hair and hairballs). Could this have caused her to vomit? Or is it more likely a hairball issue? (She has thrown up once before with a hairball, but this time no hairball was there, only food.) Or something else?
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WHat is the old food???

I always tell folks to go very slow with cat s.. 14 days is not uncoomon for a food switch
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They were eating Nutro Max Cat. One seemed to like it ok, but the other one didn't. I have also tried the Nutro regular, which they didn't really eat a lot of. The best they ate was when they were eating Iams kitten. But they aren't kittens anymore...
I also thought I would try the Natural Balance if the RC doesn't work out.
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The only thing is the RC has corn which Nutro doesnt... I would switch really slow.. You do realize that ave protion on a no corn no by product food is about 33% less??? Okay so that only happend at my house with the dog ... Iams kitten is chn flavored...
I like Natural Balence and if flavor is an issue it may be worth it after a month or so on RC ..Another one to look at is Pro Plans natural.. Which flavors of max and natural choice did you give??
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Also, sometimes (just like people) certain foods don't agree with certain cats. Since they liked Iams so much maybe you could switch to Iams adult?
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