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DooDoo wars - Kitten Litterbox woes

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My 6-7 month old female kitten, Atari PeanutButter Riot, is being a lil' pain in the rear when it comes to "the box". She was doing just fine for about a month, then she began peeing and doodooing on the bathmats. Her own small litterbox is located in the bathroom, and my adult male's (Tekhemet) is located in a seperate room. My dog (Mishka) has a bad habit of leaving her bms on the bathmat sometimes. So I figured perhaps it was the scent that Atari was trying to compete with. So I washed and febreezed the mats, and even sprinkled chili pepper and rubbed it into the pile of the fabric. None of these have worked. So I have removed the bathmats entirely from the bathroom. Now she is going on the floor. She will not pee on the floor, she always does that in the litterbox. The litterbox is cleaned daily and Atari is fixed, so is Tekhemet. Anyone have any suggestions?
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I would start by reading this thread:

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Just to let you know that a cat's instinct is strong,and they never pee and poop in the same place if they are out on the streets. To do so brings predator and danger, so giving her a second litter box, even a third is always a good thing to do.

But anytime a cat is not going in the litterpan you should first and foremost take the cat to the vet to be certain there is no underlying health issues. Many, many times, it turns out to be an illness or health concern and not a behavior problem.

Steer clear of rubber backed mats- they are a strong attractant to cats to pee and poop on them. I have heard that in plastic and rubber manufacturers they often use animal renderings to make the product stronger. That could be why she is doing this- trying to overpower one animal scent with hers. But please go to the vet first-
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