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Trap Question for TNR...

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I have a vet. appointment for this coming Monday a.m. for the 1st of three feral/stray females to get spayed and then released back to my yard.

My humane society has lent me 2 different carriers/cages and I'm a bit unsure on which one would be best to use.

One is a true carrier...large in size. The other is a cage (not a true trap) of decent size. The carrier, being a carrier, only has one side with the normal gate to open & close it. It is a large carrier but still just a carrier. The cage, has gates on all 4 sides including the top...the bottom is solid.

I understand that a feral/stray would feel more secure in a smaller type trap/cage but I want the female to be as comfortable as possible when she is recovering from surgery. I have to keep this female in whichever cage I decide to use for at least 24-hours after surgery...food, water and some sort of litter/shredded paper must fit in there with her.

Any suggestions on which would be best for the female? Keep in mind, the actual trapping part will be very easy (I hope). The colony of females are extremely friendly to me and there is absolutely NO need to trap...I can simply pick them up and/or coax them.
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I would honestly use the cage....just because she has been incredibly sweet with you..doesn't mean she will respond that way at the vet and using a cage (and not a carrier) will make it easier for the vet tech to administer the anesthesia by coaxing the cat to one side of the cage. Just make sure that all four access points are secure.

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Thank-you for your suggestion. I am leaning towards using the cage rather than the carrier simply because of size & comfort.

It is my understanding that I should cover the cage with a towel or something to give the female-stray some security. Yes...?
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If it is not unbearably hot in transport, cover the cage with a dark towel. I also take a cloth and spray it down with Feliway spray, and with a kitchen tong, I put the cloth into the cage. I never take ferals to the vet in carriers. Learned long time ago that you really put your life and your arms in danger when you do that! Plus in the cage, the vet can assess the cat from a distance first, sedate if need be and work from there.

You can also put a cloth with vanilla extract in the cage (carefully). The smell of the vanilla will neutralize the scents the cat is assaulted with when they are at the clinic.

Thank you for caring for the abandoned ones! So many people don't-
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Great idea Hissy. Will get that cage ready for Monday.

I have another question...may sound silly but it is a concern. It has taken 2-years filled with a lot of time & a lot of patience to gain these adult females trust. Are they going to be mad at me? Will they associate me with cages and taking them away from their home?
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