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We've been moving into a new apartment these past couple of weeks (yes, it's been taking us forever to get all our stuff in), and we're finally starting to get settled. I'm so proud of my babies. They adjusted very quickly to their new home, and are loving all the extra room they have to run around in (our last place was very, very small). The especially love running up and down the stairs in our new 2 bedroom townhouse.

Cleo enjoying the bean-bag chair, while Alex explores his new kitchen.

Our kitties helped us unpack.

Alex carrying his 'prey' through his new livingroom (excuse the mess). He carries those cat toys everywhere.

Alex (and his toy) lovin' the bean-bag chair.
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Looks like you have two good little workers helping... or at least watching...

congrats on the new place!! good luck getting everything moved in and situated!!
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How adorable! Moving can be such a hassle, you are so fortunate to have that wonderful help to unpack! Alex is so precious with his prey! Cleo sure is comfy on his beanbag chair!
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aww we are moving next week, i hope teufy will take it well.
your kitties look so happy
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Your babies are so cute!
Looks like they are enjoying the new place very much!
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What great little helpers!, doesn't look like the move bothered them too much!
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I love when they carry their toys around. Tigger actually drags my keds by the shoestring. Beautiful kitties by the way.
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They are beautiful! Looks like they are adjusting well!
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Oh...your cats are beautiful. Moving is so hard on them but they seem to feel right at home already.
Way to go sweet kitties.
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Awwww what good little helpers you have
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