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my son is a Nincompoop!

He came over about an hour ago wanting to borrow $10.00...I of course said "get a job", to which he replied "I'll work around here for it?".

Not a bad idea, so I told him to scoop the litter boxes and sweep and mop the kitchen and bathroom floors, vacuum, then take out the trash.

Sounds good, right? I thought so too.

I did some dusting, put away laundry, etc. while he did his bit, so I really didn't pay attention to what order he did it in. He did a great job on the floors, and how do you mess up scooping litterboxes, huh?

After he left I kept smelling kitty poop, but didn't see any, and the boxes (all 3) were clean. hmmmmmm?

Well, I found it...4 feet away from the computer desk, in my kitchen trash can...alll 3 litterboxes worth! I mean come on...the Kitchen trashcan???

Apparently, he took out the trash, then did the boxes, putting the contents in the KITCHEN trash! GAG!

So, now its all cleaned out, bleached, new bag, and I just had to share this story!
I hope his new wife has better sense...I'll be keeping a close eye on them when the baby comes.

What a Nincom-Poop!
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Three litter boxes worth?!! EWWWWWWW!!!!! I got the impression that your son either doesn't know how to organize things in a logical order, or he just doesn't care as long as he gets what he wants.

(Trying to look on the bright side)
Maybe after the baby is born, your son will be shaken up once he sees how tiny and dependent his child is, and he will become more mature and change in positive ways!
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EEEEEEEEKS! I can just imagine the stench of that! Poor you! Well, I always say, I just can't expect someone to do it the way I want it done, so may as well do it myself. Had to learn the hard way too! A few times! haha!
Ya never know, he may surprise you just like Lorrie said and change for the positive! Let's hope so :laughing2 :angel2:

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Hubby always puts the old litter in the kitchen trash - but he immediately takes the bag out after! And I Lysol the whole thing down. I suppose I could use bleach, but this is faster. I can't imagine leaving it there for any length of time - eewwww!
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Awwwwwww poor Diane!!!! Thats gross!!!! Actually I had a little "accident" the other day..... I had been cleaning the kitchen and had a big bin liner full of rubbish.... so I cleaned out the kitty litter and threw it in the same rubbish bag..... picked the bag up to take outside.... and "whomph" !!! The bottom of the bag ripped.. and it all came tumbling out on my nice clean floor....
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Cleo I imagine the smell was pretty gross but I could not help laughing when I read that post
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Diane, oh you poor thing. It must have stunk to high heaven. When I empty my boxes, I use the recycled grocery bags and put it directly outside in the trash cans. I can't deal w/ that smell, even for a second.

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Just wait until he has to deal with diapers in his own place. Then he'll understand about how to properly take out the garbage!
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OOOOOh yes diapers....the all time most evil smelling thing on the face of the earth!
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I cant help but laugh a bit too.

Oh Adymarie & Debra did you have to mention diapers. Lord I remember when I had 3 in diapers at once. And cloth ones at that!! Seems all I did back then was change butts and wash!!!!! Uck

Hopefully he will learn. All three of my boy have become fairly good housekeepers and cooks! Still amazes me...

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How awful! I'm sure he'll learn the right way to do things as time goes on. Just give him some time.
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Meme - my mom said she WASHED 60 diapers a day when my brother and I were little - we were only 14 months apart. Imagine doing that. And 3 in doo-doos all at did you survive?
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Oh wow, Cleo, it doesn't sound like he was very much help! Except maybe with the floors!
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Ruffies makes these really inexpensive 4 gallon plastic bags the work perfectly for doing the catbox cleaning. After you're done, tie it in a not and either through in the outside trash cans or or in your kitchen trash, that way there's no smell either way. Oh I forgot to mention the are scented, and you get like 60 bags in a roll for about 2.50... available at target, walmart, soon to be on sale at kmart (along with everything else) and no.. i don't have stock in the company.

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Ken, thanks for telling us about that. I usually use plastic grocery bags to scoop into and tie it up to throw in the outside trash can. The problem with that is that the bags are pretty flimsy, so I think I'll give the bags you mentioned a try...they sound much tougher and I won't have to worry about the mess a broken bag could make. Thanks
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Ken, thats what I use!
They're the teal green ones called Spring Bloom! :LOL:

Unfortunately, my son didn't bother to look next to the litterbox in the bathroom, which is where the roll of bags is!

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Cleo, I was checking my mail and found three notices for this in a row and just started cracking up!!! HAHAHAHA! "Nin-com-Poop"...such a funny term! hahaha! Just thought I'd say that...another good oldie but goodie is "imbecile, ding-a-ling, and screwball" :laughing2 :laughing2...Just giving you more ammo! hahaha!
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You're very welcome!!

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..but under the circumstances, nincompoop fit best!

My gramma used to call us doofus...
and great Grampa used to call me Mali Govna (sp) or Mali Drek (sp) which in Croatian mean "little poop" , or Perchu (sp) which means "fart"...I used to think he was calling me his Angel or something sweet, until great gramma came in and yelled at him when she heard it! :laughing2
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One of my uncles married a German lady he met while he was in the service. So the English she learned was from the Air Force men, and you know they aren't always very high class when they're talking to each other. She used to call my cousin and I her "little piss pots" which I always thought was something German because my folks didn't use that kind of language. It was years later that I finally found out what it meant, but by then it was too long ago to be offended!

:laughing2 :laughing2
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Sunlion - that is hysterical!:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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:laughing2 :laughing2 ...My Grandfather called me "Struntz" in Italian that's not a good thing! hahaha! Seems to me that my Grandmother bopped him over the head a couple of times...the next time he called me that I was lying on the floor and I remember taking my fist and smashing his toes! hahahaha! Bad CAT! hahaha! Needless to say it was ring around Grandma with him chasing me! hahaha! Italians! Geeeeesh!

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