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New Kitten

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Hello, I'm new here....
anyway, i just got a new 5 month old Norwegian Forest cat kitten yesterday. Ever since he's been home (since about 4 pm yesterday) he's been hiding under my bed, which i hear is perfectly normal. When we do manage to pet him, he seems to adore it, purring loudly. As soon as we leave, he zooms back under the bed. He refuses to eat or drink, and hasn't used the kitty litter box we offer him. He sneezes a lot and seems to have some slight discharge in his eyes and nose, although there is less today than there was yesterday. Also, at night when i am sleeping above him and all is quiet, he begins to "cry". as soon as he hears or sees me, he stops but won't allow me to touch him. Being a first-time pet owner and only 16, i'm very concerned for him. Is it normal and safe for him not to eat or drink so little? I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions as to how to make his transition to my home as smooth as possilbe. Thanks!
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Congrats on your new kitten!!! I would take him to the vet to have him checked out. He might have a cold. Try putting some water on the tip of your finger to see if he will come around.

As for him hiding, I am sure he is just scared! Give him some time..... and when he cries, I would just try to comfort him! You might want to go to http://www.snuggleme.com/kitties.html !! I bought one from PetsMart for my new kitten and he sleeps right by it! It really makes him happy!
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Did your kitten come from a breeder who caged her cats? The reaction is similar to my rescues when they go to homes - it is a fear of being free and a fear because they have not been handled. You have chosen a wonderful breed and he just needs time. Limit his space - put his litter and food in your bedroom and keep the door closed. Let him bond to you by finding you in your bed at night - it will happen. But many breeders cage their cats which makes them not socialized and that is what this sounds like - he has no idea how to be free and he is terrified. Pick him up often and sit with him on your lap. He will soon know that you are not going to hurt him. Good luck!
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