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How did you come up with your kitty's name?

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This might have been posted before but Im not sure..

We got named Sammy (Sampson) because he was so big and strong when he adopted him that it reminded me of Sampson from the bible.

Dixie... well, my husbands a redneck from Tennessee, need I say more?

Aspen.... hes pure white like the snow

Tiger... My son named him because he looks like a tiger to him lol
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Sophie's name was "Tootsie" at the shelter. I knew I wasn't keeping that one...she just looked like a Sophie to me. The addition of Grace came when she kept jumping and falling all over everything after we brought her home!
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When I got cali I was thinking of something fitting for her. She's a beautiful Calico and we live in California, so I named her Cali. Besides I always liked the song " I'm going back to Cali by LL Cool J"

Now Leia got her name from our daughter, Leia is her kitty. We love all the Star Wars movie and Caitlin loves Princesses, as all girls, so she named her Leia. It was fitting, since Cali is the Queen and it's her little Princess.
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When I lived in Penngrove a sweet Calico/Torbie with white cat adopted me and suddenly she got fat! My (now Ex) called her Mommy but I looked at her and Suddenly knew she was Minnie - FIRST Minnie Mommy then Minnie mouser (she could catch possom and jack rabbit) then after I smuggled her to my Mom's home (where I lived after my ex and I split) I KNEW she WAS Cinnaminnie (she was Cinammin colored) Sunshine girl (she was my Sunshine for sure) and nicknamed Syn Min as she WAS A SAINT of a kitty girl.

Corkie - from Corker (as I think the English call someone who is really special a Corker and she WAS) and she became Corkie! Also as she was the First of Minnie's babies to POP out of the hole in the deck (where the next) was like a cork out of a bottle of champane!

Schatzi (BIG Poodle) Mom could not find a good name and she was talking to a friend about him and the friend said "Oh your little Schatzi!" Mom was told it meant sweetheart in German and he was definately a throwback to heavy German Poodles so THAT became his name.

Kotton got her name because her fur is SOFT as cotton! Benji got his name as Benjamin means something like SITS AT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD! It just seemed appropriate as God sent him to me. Missy had the name when I adopted her and Panther LOOKS like a small black Panther!

What a GREAT thread!
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The ones I can remember ...

Winnie- because when she was a kitten she had a Winnie the Pooh belly.

Stormy- because when I got her she'd race and run through the house and when she was finished it looked like a storm hit!

Spyder- when he was a newborn kitten, he had long legs and a long tail that made him look like a little spider.
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