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Cat Asthma

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Hi I'm new to the site. I have a 7 year old tonkinese cat. I recently adopted her from a couple who no longer could keep her. I was uncertain if i would ever have another cat again i found a tonkinese cat near my house three years ago no one ever came foward for him. What a great cat He was unforuntley last aug within a weekend he passed away i had rushed him to a vet he was there for the weekend and gone on monday they never explained to me why or how he died just that he died i"m still heartbroken over it. Weird enough in feb of this year i saw in the paper a tonk for adoption so i took her and shes great also! But the past two days shes been wheezing so bad i thought it was a hairball but it got to severe that i called the vet that her former owners brought her too. Turns out she has asthma and they left that out when I adopted her poor cat. Anyway The vet said she needs a shot for this. I;m not familar with this at all but did some research on asthma in cats. Anybody know about Asthma in cats and if the shots are good?? Thanks
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This is a website that I saved that I thought was pretty good. I hope it answers some of your questions

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