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Help please.

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Hi i'm new to this forum and I need some help with my cat.He's 4yrs old and up until today he's been fine.Today he started vomit clear liquid and he's also constipated.We feed him meow mix for indoor cats but about 6days ago my wife picked up some purina deli cat.All he does is lay around and sleep he'll walk for alittle while then go back to sleep.I'm taking him to the vet in the morning but I wanted to know if there is something i can do for him tonight to make him feel better?And also is there anyone that has had a similar problem with there cat?
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is he drinking?
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Very little.
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Sorry not a good choice to feed your cat. You should be checking for dehydration by scruffing the neck lightly while the cat is at rest, pinching it gently then releasing it. If it stays tented up and doesn't fold down within a few seconds- hustle your cat to the vet.

In the meantime, change to a quality dry and cat food- Royal Canin, IAMS, Eukanuba, and slowly merge the two feeds until they are eating only the quality food. For the constipation, feed about a teaspoon of canned pumpkin straight from the can with the meals and if the vomiting continues see a vet! Also mix pedialyte in with the regular water to replace what the cat is losing
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Thank's for your replies.Hissy i forgot to say in my first post that he wont eat.I tried to give him some laxatone but he dosent want it.
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Try canned pumpkin, that will get things flowing again!!
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How long has he not been eating? Does he have a habit of eating or licking other things besides his food? Blankets, concrete, the floor?

No cat will willingly take laxatone, as it is a petroleum product- so what you do is you rub a gob of it on his leg where he can lick it up- rub it in, don't just put it on there-
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I got home at 5pm and I didn't see him eat anything.He only licks our other cat and himself.I must have the only cat that likes laxatone my 1yr old will eat it right out of a spoon.
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have you checked for dehydration as Hissy suggested?
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Yes and as i'm typing this he was drinking water but I can't really tell because he has so much hair.
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thankfully you will be taking him to the vet in the morning. Sorry I cant help more... let us know what the vet says in the morning, and keep a close eye on him tonight. If your really worried I would get him to the vet tonight.
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Constipation plus vomiting could mean a blockage caused by something like string or other things he should not have eaten. Could he have swallowed something? The vet may have to Xray to see if htere is something there preventing a free flow in the intestine.
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