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a small trip

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My husband and I were invited to a cabin 4 hours up north. We were told to bring our kittens (11 weeks old). Is it safe to travel that far with them? They will also be confined to a bedroom up there due to my cousin bringing a large dog. If we left them home they would be alone over the weekend and I would have a hard time doing that.

If it were you would you bring them or leave them???
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We just returned from a trip to NY with Sophie in tow. That was an 18 hour trip. She stayed in her crate in the van (a large crate, the one I trained my dog in when she was a puppy), with stops for her to drink, stretch and use her litter box. Aside from meowing everytime the window was open even a crack, she did great! Once in NY, she stayed in the bedroom at my MIL's because they have an older calico with a rather nasty disposition. In the evening, I'd let Sophie out to run around and burn off some energy with us. For a 4 month old baby, she made me proud!
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It's 4 hours from school to home for me and Oliver's traveled it several times... He has a soft carrier that goes on the front seat next to me and he's leashed to that... once we get goin, I open the top and he can get to his litter box on the floor (which he readily uses mid-trip)... If you can, maybe take them on short trips about town to get them used to the car if they aren't already... also, when Oliver does come home with me, he is confined to my bedroom due to my black lab and my mom's allergies... I think it's a matter of personal preference - I've also left Oliver to himself for 3-4 days and he's been just fine (of course I worry about him while I'm gone though)... good luck!
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