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Is this normal?

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I took cj into the vet yesterday for his 6 month booster on his worm meds (he had worms when I got him from the shelter, but he doesnt have any now.) and today almost exactly 24 hours later he started vomiting. He has vomited four times in all, about once an hour. The first one looked like digested food, but after that the others were all liquid. I called the vet and she said if he is otherwise acting normal not to worry, he just has an upset tummy. Vomiting is not a side effect of the worm pills. I remember when he was younger and he got meds they made him stoned and he sat on my bed with his tounge sticking out for a few hours, but I dont remember if it was the worming pills or the pills for the respitory infection.

My question to y'all is if the worming meds have caused this reaction with any of you guys cats. I dont keep the cleaning supplies anywhere he can get to them, and I dont keep dishes with old food in the sink. So I can safely rule out chemicals. He doesnt go outside so it could not be anything there. Any thoughts?
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Yes, sometimes dewormer can cause vomiting or diarrhea. But this can also be caused by just having the worms.

Keep an eye on him. Most likely, especially if you keep everything away and he doesn't go outside, he didn't get into anything. But if he continues to vomit, seems lethargic, etc. he should be seen by a vet.
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Roxy he should dissipate any symptoms within 36 hrs, or take him right back.
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