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What kind of litter do you use?

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Looking for a good clumping litter that isn't dusty.
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Maxx Multi Cat clumping litter is great litter and pretty much dust free, its my favorite.
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I have been using the Arm and Hammer with good results. We may try the Arm and Hammer with the crystals to see how it works as well. About 4 months ago, we tried I think it's called kitty pride and holey cow..it was like a dust storm came through the house every day. Heck, I got so fed up I threw what I had left over away
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How do the crystals work? Do they absorb the liquid like clumping litter? I've been tempted to try them.
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I havn't used them yet, but something to that effect. They are supposed to absorb the urine and lock the odor in. They can hold quite a bit so they last longer than you would think. I never switched them because it's so expensive and I have 6 boxes, but like I said, I may try this new mix.
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Well, I use Arm and Hammer scented clumping litter. I think it might be kinda dusty, I just don't mind it. It works for me.
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I use the generic brand you can buy here at the local grocery store ( Stop and Shop ). I buy the scoopable that comes in the 5 gallon jug, and I think it works great. Not too dusty, absorbs oder well, and the cats seem to like it. Maybe give a generic brand a shot, you may be surprised at how well they work.
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Do you find the generic brands to hold together better in the clumps? I've been using the store brand kind lately as well and that stuff clumps together like cement! It sure makes scooping out the box easier. I found with some of the more expensive brands the clumps fall apart when I scoop.
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I use the Walmart brand (it comes in an 18 kg box for about $10 CAD). I find it works really well, it keeps the odor down well and is not dusty at all. It also smells like baby powder, which is nice when you are scooping
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Melissa, yes I find the clumps are like cement indeed!! I love the generic brand, and not just cause of the price. The one I use has great odor control, and like I said it clumps really well. Makes scooping so much easier. And of course, for only $4.99 a jug, that is also great!!!
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I use the Fresh Step Scoop litter. Haven't had a problem, although I find the floral scent a bit weird.
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That is funny. Like a bed of roses, eh?

The Arm & Hammer is 'fresh scent'.
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I use Tidy Cat scoopable- it works very well. I prefer the red kind- it smells the best. I have tried many others, but this seems to be the best for me...
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Does anyone else wonder what's in kitty litter? Sometimes I worry it could make them sick. My cats are slobs when it comes to the litter box, so there's litter all around and where Jinx is in his own room still, he gets it on him and then cleans himself. I clean every day, but you know how katz can be.....
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