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Cod liver oil

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Hey everyone I am new here.

I was reading up on cod liver oil for cats and came across this;

"If animals need nutritional supplementation of energy or Vitamin A cod liver oil (and other fish oils) are a good idea, However, if your pet is eating a balanced complete ration you could provide too much Vitamin A. Many pet foods are already supplemented with vitamins and can already contain large amounts of Vitamin A.

Cats are frequently presented to veterinarians showing the toxic effects of excess vitamin A which causes new bone to be deposited around joints causing pain, lameness and spinal problems. This is often associated with eating liver (also high in vitamin A content) or cod liver oil supplementation."

My whole reasoning being I woke up a couple of mornings ago, and my lil Abby was limping and hoping. I think she may have broken a bone in her back right paw. I will have to take her to the vet on monday. But I also heard that cod liver may help to heal her??

Can anybody tell me if the above quote may or may not be true, as well do u think i should just wait it out to see if it heals or go to the vet?


Jessica - Minnihi
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Hello and Welcome to TCS!! I'm sorry your Abby's not feeling well but I'm glad you're taking her to the vet. I am concerned, tho, if she's not using one paw, that perhaps Monday is too long to wait, esp if she's had this problem for a couple days. If she is unable to put weight on the paw, she should be seen as soon as possible.

I don't know about the cod liver oil, but I will move this thread to Health and Nutrition, where our expert can assist you with that information.

Hope Abby's feeling better soon!!!
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fish or flax would be better imo. clo contains too much vit A/D.
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I was in Sam's Club today and saw a large bottle of Omega - 3 fatty acid fish oil pills (the liquid-filled kind)... I almost got them to attempt to help with Oliver's shedding, but I wasn't sure if it was ok... I've heard of people using it, but didn't want to get it and then not be able to use it.... what's the consensus for the next time I make a Sam's Club run?? Thanks!
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:bump: for our H&N gurus!
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