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This is really upsetting me

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Cassi got her stitches out today, her biopsy sites looked great.

They kept her for laser treatment, and my MIL dropped her back off here once the clinic closed.
I was advised to leave the e-collar off as she's been wearing it a week and the biopsy sites should be fine.

She groomed as expected, and in the space of 20 minutes had both sites ripped back open to the point that they probably should be stitched again.

Back on with the protective cuff and the e-collar.

Will be having my fiance' call his mother here shortly to see if she can drop off some surgical glue for me.
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I would be very leery of using surgical glue to reclose an opened incision. You could seal germs inside. Could you use medical tape, like butterfly bandages instead, until you can go back to the vet for a quick checkup in the morning?
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I would love to take her back, but they are closed for the weekend, and I don't drive anyway.
She has to go back Monday, regardless.
I've currently got a gauze wrap under her protective cuff on the site on the back of her neck.
The second site though is right under her ear at the base, impossible to comfortably wrap.
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They should have an emergency number you can call. I would call and tell them she's ripped herself wide open because they suggested taking the collar off. Tell them you dont drive and they need to come and get her immediately! If they wont....I'd be screaming bloody murder at them! They should listen to you then
Dont use the glue! It's a contaminated wound since she reopened it and will cause major problems!
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Calm down, it's ok.
MIL is a trained EMT as well as a veterinary surgical nurse.
She had everything in her kitty emergency kit to clean, flush and dress the wounds.
She is my emergency clinic.
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Geez. I would like one of those in the family

Hope Cassi feels better soon!
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She seems to feel fine, she's playing with her 'kid' right now.
But I swear this is the most self destructive cat that I've ever met.
When my old cat was covered in stitches and holes and drains from his head to just behind his shoulders (he slipped out, raccoon mauled him), I never had to put a cone on him, he had sense enough to realize after one try that it hurt to scratch at those.
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