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Dani Tale: Dani and the Laser Light

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The Laser Light Toy...
or How to Taunt Dani Night Stalker

At school, we had to give a PowerPoint presentation and our teacher recommended we use a laser pointer to highlight the points as they displayed on the wall. So I found an inexpensive, okay it's cheap, laser pointer for what I
thought was a one-time use. Well, somewhere rattling in the back of my mind (remember, I'm a wealth of insignificant information... my mind's like a 2-car garage with no room to park the cars), I remembered a friend telling me that
cats like chasing the light.

So one day when Dani and I were alone and I tired of fetching her paper ball from under the sofa and chair where she's prone to bat it, I thought I'd try out the laser light on her. The light looks like a rifle bullet about the length of my
finger and is attached to a keychain.

Success!! She loves it. In fact, Dani's like a little laser light junkie now. It was tons of fun watching a blur of black fur streak across the floor, stopping on a dime on the carpet and spinning madly on linoleum as she struggled to
catch the red dot on the floor that always seemed to allude her. The real fun didn't begin until I turned the light off. Her dazed look was priceless. She sat down, thoroughly confused after searching the last know location of the light.
From time to time, her head would swiftly turn left to right and she'd walk through the apartment slowly. Sometimes, she'd put her paw out to see if she felt anything. At this point, I was nearly doubled over with laughter. Finally, she sits in
front of me and looks up. Mew? she asks as if I'm going to tell her where the light is... fat chance of that!

For a while, every time we'd (yes, my roommates play this too) pick the laser up, she'd hear the rattle of the keychain and would get up and look from side to side, waiting for the light to appear and finally she'd look up at the source of the noise. So I taped the chain up. Now we turn the laser light on at random. I still play fetch with Dani's paper ball but the laser light's the best toy for exercising, ok torturing, an indoor cat and it's sweet revenge for Dani who's still waking me at 4 a.m. with cat massages to my head and shoulders and purrs that break the sound barrier. Ear plugs, anyone?
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How did I miss this the other day? I can just see her sitting there, "How'd you do that? It was magic!"
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We've been using this laser light for weeks and only yesterday did she seem to notice that there's something in my hand. Her eyes got SO big!
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You gotta watch that! Once she figures it out, she'll be attacking your hand instead! And I know from experience, though with a different toy! :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing:
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Dani's not attacking my hand... yet
But she's moving closer and closer to me when I turn the light on. The good thing is she can't concentrate on the light and my hand at the same time... so far, the light's winning her attention. She's a real whiner when the light goes out.

JoJo and Dani Night Stalker
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