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Well let me start by saying that I was a dog lover...which you may ask yourself...why is she posting a thread in a cat website? Well Just today after my College class ended my friend told me about something in the bushes...and I was like what is it? He said it was a kitten...I looked at it and I saw this most beautiful thing so cute, and frightened...my heart felt very wonderful for some reason and I soon realized that dogs are no better than any other animal.
I would like some help to determine wether to keep it or not...? I'm going to take it for a check up tomorrow at 8 a.m. and wanted to see if anyone would help to tell me what breed it is? I noticed it's a she and is very scared of my hands...she hisses at them and hisses at everything she hears. I know she has to get use to her surroundings. But I get scared too... .

I'll appreciate all the help thank you!
P.s i have a picture http://img389.imageshack.us/img389/7194/10067152xk.jpg
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It takes time to earn a kitty's love but it's worth the effort. Since this kitty is a feral, you might want to pm Mary Anne (hissy) for advice as she is an expert on this subject.

Welcome to TCS!
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I believe your new kitten is a purebred moggy, which is equivalent to a purebred mongrel in dog terms. She is adorable, and I love her little white feet!

Unfortunately, it is the middle of kitten season, so kits like her are abundant. Since she is already stealing your heart, I hope you will be able to keep her. And you will want to keep checking the area where you found her, in case she has litter mates who are still outside.

Are you able to have a pet where you live? Pick up a litterbox, some clay kitty litter (I like Tidy Cats brand), and some kitten food. Good luck with the vet visit. And limit her space, don't give her free run just yet. If she has one room, she will begin to feel comfortable quicker. Then in a day or two you can allow her more space.
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Ohhhh she is gorgeous!! Look at that little face! I would have never left her, either. Good luck, I hope you can keep her!
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She is adorable. Congratulations on your new find. She looks as if she has made herself at home. As said already, she is no specific breed, but a very pretty moggy. Her colour is tabby, and here is a link to something about tabby cats:

tabby cats

I do hope you can keep her!
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Well I'm off to the vet right now...I'll reply as soon as I get back!
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We are back from the Vet office...
IT'S A BOY! not a girl Sorry for misleading you...I named it Cobbie (in Australian it means friend) It's not pronounced like Kobe Bryant's name more like a corn on the Cob type of name.
This was the Vets Diagnostic on my Kitty...He's in good health weighs 1.3 lbs. and has fleas, but don't worry I put some medication on him from the Advantage one...He plays, and I barely introduced him to solid food today right when we arrived back home, but he just drank the milk
Anyway I have a question does anyone know about what Shampoo is good for Flea Control? I've been searching on the net but I can't decide which one

Thanx for your replies..I'll be asking more questions soon!
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The advantage should be fine - no need for a flea shampoo! Are you giving him the kitty milk? Regular milk is not good for cats, as most are lactose intolerant and it will upset his tummy.

Welcome to you and Cobbie!
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Yeah the advantage is cool to put on very easy...I feed hom Whiska's Milk for Cats and Kittens, I put a 1/4 cup of solid food in with 1/3 cup of the Milk to make the solid food tender...but he didn't eat the solid one. He licked around the food and drank the milk only.
Originally Posted by Talon
The advantage should be fine - no need for a flea shampoo! Are you giving him the kitty milk? Regular milk is not good for cats, as most are lactose intolerant and it will upset his tummy.

Welcome to you and Cobbie!
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Thank you for taking this little one into your heart and home! He's just precious! Looking at the picture, he appears to be pretty young - probably 5-6 weeks old. He may have never seen solid food before. But then again...he may not like the moistened food. I know that our Ophelia, who we rescued at about the same age, wanted nothing to do with moistened kitten food (or even Kitten Replacement Formula (KMR) for that matter!). She liked the crunchy kitten food, and ate that quite well.

You might try a wet food and see if he likes that any better. If he doesn't take to any solid food yet, please get some KMR (that's what it's called in the US) so that he still gets the nutrients that he needs.
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Almost forgot! About the fleas...with him being so little, a bath might not be a good idea. Little kittens can get chilled very quickly and easily. The best thing to do is get a flea comb and a bowl of soapy water. Comb him with the flea comb and dip any fleas that come off in the soapy water. Fleas can't swim in soap so they will drown, but Cobbie stays nice and dry.
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