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A head's up on Minoxidil

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Cats And Minoxidil

POSTED: 3:39 pm EDT August 19, 2005

Topical solutions, like Rogaine, that contain the drug Minoxidil have helped many people prevent thinning hair, but Minoxodil can also pose a health risk to our feline friends.

The Animal Poison Control Center says that exposure to Minoxidil can kill a cat.

Minoxidil can cause a severe drop in blood pressure and damage to the heart muscle, which can result in cardiac failure and death. Six cases of Minoxidil exposure have been reported to poison control since 2001.

Some owners had applied Minoxidil to areas of the cats' bodies where fur was missing. Other cats were exposed by walking through the solution or by licking it.

Poison control experts warn that you should never apply Minoxidil to your pets and clean up any spills right away.
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Thank you as I am sure that will help someone.. My thought all meds are upand away from my "kids" and all spills cleaned asap
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Although I don't use this medication...your post serves as a reminder to keep all medication out of harms way.
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Some people sure are dumb. Applying rogain to their cats to grow fur?
Now, that's a brilliant idea.
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Originally Posted by elizwithcat
Some people sure are dumb.
LOL, I have to say, that was my first thought at reading this as well.

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