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I don't see anything. Just a pale green and blue haze
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I don't see anything either
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The last three posters saw nothing because of the timezone differance.

I am planning on get a small lamp so you can see all night too.
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That's such a great idea!
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right now they are grooming
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Just tried it at home, and it works, but I think it wasn't on because it's too late (11:30 PM).

Here's a screen-shot of what I saw:

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I see kitties playing! Tehehehehehehehe...what a good idea i should get oh man the things in my house lmao I have a kitten on my monitor trying to play with the kittens on the web cam
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You were connected but it was dark! The lights were not on, we will put some lighting on overnight.

Further instructions for viewing the video:

Here are the correct instructions for the video

Using IE:

Using Firefox and others:

Go to Windows media player: Choose Open Url…. from the file menu.
copy and paste:

Good luck!
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I LOVE the kitty cam! It's keeps me entertained!

I just watched royal rumble via your web cam, it was an orange kitten Vs. a calico kitten. It appears as if the calico won
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Round II goes to orangie!
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hey thats really neat i used to go to webcamnow and you could see peoples home videos live but i haven't been there in a while your kitty cats are so cute
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That was fun, thanks for sharing it!
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Just darling!!
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What an awesome idea!!!

I'm guessing it's naptime right now!
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I just saw a person...was that Marmite's Daddy??
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