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Vibes for Oliver

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Hey There--
Well, Oliver has been sneezing up a storm this morning! Lets hope he just got a little fuzzy up his nose and that he's not coming down with a cold--when he gets sick he always goes off his food and has to go to the vets for fluids, and I usually end up having to syringe feed him, definitely no fun.

Vibes that he'll stop sneezing by tomorrow...or off to the vet we go
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I'm sending vibes to Oliver. I sure hope it's nothing serious!
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Sending healthy vibes Oliver's way. Hope he feels better soon!
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More healing <<vibes>> coming your way Oliver..
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Poor Oliver......Get well soon Handosome Boy! ....
Sending good vibes to him!
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Get well soon Oliver!
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Poor little boy! Let's move this to Health and Nutrition where our health experts will be sure to see it! Please feel better, Oliver!
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No more sneezing Mr. Oliver! {{{{{}}}}} I certainly hope that this is the worst of it and that it's over soon!!
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Ugh, that sounds like what jasper was doing before his eyes started to swell up. :-( Come on Ollie, get well big boy, don't worry your meomwy! Please let us know how he is doing? I am saying a prayer for him right now that it is just a "dust sneeze".
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Oliver, lots of stop sneezing vibes headed your way!
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OK sneezing allowed.
We hope that it was just a temporary thing & you are just fine now.
Sadie & Dexter
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Thanks guys--
He's still sneezing a bit but he's running around like a maniac, so I'm thinking he's probably going to be ok...keeping my fingers crossed though!
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I hope it was a dust bunny and you sneezed it right out, Ollie!
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Oliver I hope you're feeling better!

*smooches and hugs*
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