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pregnant stray

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My neighbor has this cat that is pregnant. She is an outside cat and I was told this is her 5th litter. I only knew about the last litter, which are only about 4 months old give or take a few weeks.

I feel so bad for her. I know nothing about cats so that is why I came here for information. I fed her yesterday and while she was eating I touch her stomach and could feel the babies moving around. I was wondering if that is any indication of how far along she is.

She gave birth to the last litter under their deck so I was wondering if I could build her something so she could have a more comfortable birth. If so how do I get her to use it? They told me they are getting rid of her before she has the litter but I don't believe it. I offered to take her to the shelter but they won't let me. I would take her in my self but my dogs would eat her. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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Thank you for coming here, and thank you for caring more than her owners do!! That's awful, and unhealthy. I wish that you could take her in, it would be better for her. However, can you buy one of those LARGE tupperware containers? if so, I would cut one side a rather largish hole, and keep it on its lid under the deck. Stuff this with clean towels and torn sheets, and please offer her the best kitten food you can buy. if you keep the food by the "bed" she should get the idea. Please waterproof the box by using duct tape to cover the lip, in case it rains, very little will get in that way.

other than that, I don't know what to say.
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I would agree that she needs a caring home and a spay right now- regardless of the kittens moving within her. That is an awful load for a female cat to endure just because of ignorance or laziness of the owner

I would follow Denise's idea but stuff the inside with straw, keeping the bale aside to use to refresh the soiled part after the kittens are born. She will be more inclined to make her bed on straw versus blankets, the way the straw wraps around them gives them security.
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