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Any Homeopathis/natural aids for osteoarthritis?

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I just took my 19 yr. old Siamese into the vet on Monday. She'd been very tender when picked up on Sunday morning. After a huge bill and a few x-rays, it's been determined that she has advanced osteoarthritis in her sternum. It's causing some significiant problems with her trachea and breathing. Because of her age, I opted against surgery so she's now on pain medication for the arthritis.

I was just wondering if anyone knows of any kind of natural of homeopathic methods of treating osteoarthritis. I'm not a big supporter of constant medicating because of the potential kidney and liver complication. Thanks!
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is the kitty on glucosamine and chondrotin?? that would be my first recommendation... I did find a lovely liquid that is for joints/ arthitis pain homeopathic at the lps
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There are many supportive homeopathics for osteoarthritis , all without the damaging side-effects that the drug approach can sometimes incur. As one member pointed out, glucosamine and chondroitin are also great, used in combination. Diet is also of paramount importance too.
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I forgot to add, that acupuncture has been very corrective for this too. One homeopathic vet had a dog who had the worst case of arthritis she'd ever seen. Five acupuncture treatments and some dietary changes, along with glucosamine, chondroitin and a few other homeopathic supports and the dog was fully mobile again. All within a couple of weeks. After that, acupuncture treatments were only needed as a preventative . ( www.ivas.org)
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Oliver once bruised the bone of one of his front paws, and my vet at the time had me give him chondroitin/ glucosamine to help with the healing--and it healed up quite quickly! I've also heard very good things about acupuncture and water therapy on dogs-- don't think the water therapy would be a great idea for cats though! Lol!

Good luck in your search for relief for your sweet baby!
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