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Does a cats water break?

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Piper was laying at my feet and I looked down and their is brownish water in the floor and coming out of her rear. She wont stay in her box! She goes in there and fussses around then comes out and meows at me and paces around the room! She isn't panting just purring and tehre is so much squirming going on in her belly I cant tell if tehy are contractiosn or not.
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Sounds like you'll have kittens soon

Good luck
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1st one is on the way. She started pushing hard a few minutes ago.
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Good luck!
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OK, for those interested, I just got off the phone with Kookala and Baby One is out and well. It looks like Baby Two is on the way. *smile*

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Good luck Piper!
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Another ONE!!!!!!! just as i hung up with you. solid grey or black, no sex yet sack isnt off yet
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good luck!
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*very big grin* You are doing great! Piper is going to be a stellar mommy, I just know it!

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How exciting!

(and how sweet of Gaye to help on the phone!)
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It's a girl!
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Cool! WTG Piper!
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How's Piper doing? And how are YOU???
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Piper is resting comfortably after the two. No more contractions, but I still feel a lump in there. Both kittens are nursing.
Talking to Gaye REALLY helped. She called just as the first kitten was pesenting. It was breach and you could only see about an inch of his tail sticking out. She had me hold Pipers back legs up so when she had contractions she could push her feet against my hand. It wasn't working after several minutes and she wasn't having productive contractions so she told me to take her into the vet. We hung up so I could stuff some towels in her carrier box and call to let them know I was on the way but when I tried to pick her up to actually go he just popped out. His sack was on but she was cleaning him and he started to move a bit so I called Gaye right back. She must have thought I was nuts. I was crying and he stopped moving for a few seconds, I had read everything I could get my hands on but her calm voice telling me what to expect and what to do was what brought me through it. Of course as soon as we hung up again the second one came. I said "Gaye, she is starting to have contractions again. It might be a few minutes because the first took so long." I turned around to put my phone down and when I turned back she was here.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Gaye!
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Whew! Sounds like you've got a breather for a while. I'm on my way home, so I'll be offline for a bit, but KittenKrazy is here, too. What a great momma cat!
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Yup, I'm here for a bit...sounds like all's well ....Gaye is a lifesaver, isn't she?
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Another Tuxedo! It gave me a scare because he wasn't moving and breathing at first but I wiped its face and pulled it's siblings. Piper is taking over from here now.
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Yay! Sounds like she's going to be a good mommy...but they do scare us sometimes, don't they?!
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Everybody is back in the box and trying to nurse now. They are all the same size pretty much, about the palm of my hand. You totally know I took pictures of everything after the first one came so you will all get to see them later tonight.
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We'll hold you to that promise......
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I'm back now, and it sounds like you're all settled in! Gaye had perfect timing, sounds like!
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I'm sending this out to family and close friends as a birth announcement . I'll take the names out for a mass email to everyone in my contacts in a week or two and encourage them to forward it to their in town contacts . Hopefully, in 12 weeks, each of these cats will be placed. I think I have two homes found already.

Hello Everyone,

I am writing to let you know we have had a birth in our family, actually three births.

A cat showed up on our front lawn July 7th. If you remember we had record temperatures that week, the poor thing was so dehydrated and starved I thought it was a kitten. It took two full days of giving her small quantities of wet food and water every two hours before it was able to eat or drink without vomitting. After 3 days I started her on kitten chow with her wet food, after 2 weeks I figured she was a full grown cat so started her on a self feeder of cat chow alone.
We advertised for her owner right away and many people came to look at her, but it turns out she belonged to an elderly neighbor who had died of a stroke. She must have gotten out in all the confusion surrounding the death or maybe she had a cat door but no-one was feeding or watering her and that's how she came to me in her condition. I checked local no kill shelters but they refused to take her due to lack of space and the Humane society said they would euthenize her within 72 hours. As you know, with our dogs and birds, this isn't a suitable long term home for a cat and we are still looking for a permanant home for her.
When we returned from our annual family vacation the pet sitter, who is a vet tech, informed us she is pregnant. I had noticed she was getting a fat belly, but I figured she was still gorging herself because she had been so starved. We quarantined her in our office where she delivered 3 beautiful kittens this afternoon. I have given them temporary names.

[size=6]Chad, the firstborn kitten, a male Tuxedo, came into the world tail first. Although he started life backwards he's the biggest of the litter, has a mellow personality and lets himself be pushed around by his little sisters.

Niki, the middle born and a solid black, latched on quickly and hasn't let go since.

Tara, the smallest and also black and white, gave us quite a scare at birth. When her littermates were removed Mom quickly went to work on her and I am happy to report she is doing fine now. [size=6]

These kittens, and their Mom, need loving; permanant homes with owners who will promise to Nueter/Spay them and help with their baby immunization costs. If you would like to see this feline family please email me or call me.
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Let me just say for the record .... Awwwwww! You guys are the bestest ever! Thanks for all the kind words. I have been really blue here lately (have some health issues that are really bringing me down!) and the very kind comments towards me in this thread just made my day!

I was thrilled to be able to lend a hand (or talk Kookala through as the case may more accurately be) in Piper's delivery and birthing process. The confidence she placed in me to assist was great and I thank Kookala for letting me be a part of it.

Way to go, Kookala! Now you give sweet little Piper a gentle chin scritch or two from me, won't you?

Continued best of luck,

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What a heart-warming post! Congratulations to all involved. It sounds like Piper and her kittens are going to be absolutely fine and I hope you find good homes for all of them soon.
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I got pictures up! Prepare to be swamped with a miliion more over the next few weeks
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Watch out !!! These are heart melting photos!!!
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They are so sweet at that tiny stage. They all look well and Piper seems happy. Congratulations!
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