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My kitten rascal loves to play. When hes in the mood he'll go up to my arm swat at it and if i move it he'll flip on his back and start to bite and attack. But he has had enough he just lay on his stomach and let you pet him. He doesnt always bite and attack only when hes hyper. Should i let this playing go on or will this teach him to be nasty when he gets bigger.
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Don't play with Rascal with your hands. This sets a nasty and ouch..harmful precedent..

Get him some interactive toys like "Cat Dancer" or "Da Bird" or "The Kitten Mitten"....

This way you and he can still have fun without losing an extremity
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my kittens like to 'bite' my fingers, too. it felt awfully cute at first, but then i read somewhere that when they grow up, they'll keep 'biting' thinking it's OK.

so yeah, i agree with loveysmummy
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