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spay wound licking question

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Missy and the kittens got spayed & neutered on Monday. The females all have plastic cone/collars on so they can't lick the wound.

The vet said to take the collars off after 3-5, today is the 4th day and all seem to be healing well. They have all acted like nothing has happened since they came home

After the 5 days and I take the collars off is it okay for them to lick the wound?
They all have disolving stitches that will fall out within 8 weeks.

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Sugartoes never had a special collar, and licked the spay area from day one. She healed up just fine. I think your kitties will be fine, the incision should be pretty well closed by now.
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Thanks Beckiboo.

I've been taking the collars off when they eat and letting them groom afterwards, they always try to bite the stitches not just lick the area. Today is when I'm supposed to take the collars off but what's going to happen if they remove the stitches?
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The vet told me to watch for if the area of the stitches/incision appears to bulge up. I checked them out each morning and before bed and if their underbelly looked basically the same, I was comfortable they were fine.
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I would NOT let them pull at the stitches! Regular grooming is OK. If the incision looks red or moist at all they are licking too much and the collars need to stay on. The incision is not healed until 10 days post op. If it were me they would all wear their collars until then.
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Weighing in a little late on this - but I concur with Dr. Doolittle. Kittens are naturally curious, the healing process is sometimes itchy and the stitches are a magnet for little ones to pick at. Infections and other problems can easily occur.

That all now being said, I have to laugh at the mental visual of a bunch of cats all running around your house with lampshades on their heads. *wink*

Best of luck and if no one has said this to you lately, thank you for doing the responsible thing for these cats. You are a good kitty mommy and deserve to treat yourself for doing the right thing. My hat is off to you.

Yours from the heart,

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Thank you gayef, we had planned right from the start to get everyone fixed.

We call them the coneheads *grin*

Thanks for the advice Dr Doolittle, I will keep the collars on for another 5 days.
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*grin* Coneheads is a good, descriptive name.

Lexus is about a week to 10 days away from her anticipated delivery date and I am getting anxious now. The babies are very active. Lex was laying on my lap this evening while watching TV and I declare those little ones were doing the Mombo in there! *smile*
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