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Economical Weight Loss Cat Food

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I have three cats Essie (13 pounds), Mukluk (11 pounds), and Stinkerbelle (13 pounds). According to the vet Essie needs to lose 3.5 pounds, Stinkerbelle need to lose 3 pounds, and Mukluk needs to lose one pound. They used to be free fed Canin Royal Indoor but then the vet recommended Eukanuba Optimum Weight Control, which I have been feeding them twice per day. I am wondering if there is a good weight control food that is less expensive than the Optimum Weight Control (with tax it is about $17 for a five pound bag at the vets). Of course the health of my cats is more important than the cost of their food, but all things being equal, I'd prefer to spend less if possible. So I would greatly appreciate if if anyone has any recommendations for a good weight loss food. Thank you!
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If you have a Petco around they offer a program where you sign up for a card and get every 11th bag of premium food free. I really liked Natural Choice's weight management dry food for Annabelle. The vet recommended that she lose 2.5 pounds over the course of a year and she did while on this food. It isn't terribly expensive and the free 11th bag really equals things out when you compare the cost of less expensive, but lower quality foods. Natural Choice is actually cheaper than Iams and Eukanuba generally, depending on where you buy it it might be the same price.
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Call another vet and see if there prices are cheaper.. an Rx is far different than otc diet stuff
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That doesn't sound like much wieght to lose, why did he prescribe the prescription diet? I would call and ask him if the prescription is truly necessary. Tell him it costs way too much, and ask him about something more affordable. Nutro's weight management food costs way less than that, and is very high quality. My cat needs to lose far more than that, and my vet was perfectly happy with my idea of going to the Nutro Indoor Weight Management. Now if Petsmart would get thier new plan-a-grams done so it's on the shelf!

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