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My sisters cat looks and acts blind

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My sister has a loving cat about three years old. She was a stray when my sister brought her into our home. My family cared for her and made sure she was in good health. My sister and I noticed that the cat Emma looks and acts blind. She does not see her toys or her food. She finds things by smelling them usually. We asked the vet if she was blind and he said she isn't but I swear she is. Something is wrong with her eyes. I wish I had a scanner so I could show you all a picture of her. I am sure someone here would tell me what's up with Emma. Does anyone have tips or comments that will help me tell if she is blind. Thanks!
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Several years ago I had an older cat who went completely blind in both eyes due to glaucoma, so maybe I can give you a little help.

First of all cats can develop many different eye problems, and some of these are very serious. Whenever you notice a change in your cat's eyes you should consider it an emergency and take the cat to a vet immediately. Since you seem unsatisfied with the answer the vet gave you, please take the cat to a different vet for a second opinion. Your could also check around to find out if there are any veterairy (I know that's spelled wrong) eye specialists available in your area.

One way to check a cat for blindness at home is to shine a penlight directly into the cat's eyes to see if the pupils respond to light, but no matter what the results, it is still absolutely essential to have your sister's cat's eyes professionally evaluated by a vet.

I also want to add that a blind cat can continue to lead a normal active life, but you will need to make some adjustments due to the cat's condition such as don't move the furniture or food bowls around...don't let the cat go outside alone, and etc.
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Excellent post by Lorie, I am currently dealing with one of guys having lost vision in one eye with the other at risk (retinopathy in the seeing eye) - I think the decision was it was due to high blood pressure (for which he is now on medication). A Vetinary Opthamologist would be your best bet - we were referred on to one for my fellow.
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Thank you for helping me with that question. I did tell my sister about taking her to another vet to get a second opinion. I hope she will sometime. Whenever she does, I will tell you guys about the results. Thanks again!
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